biology chapter 6

during transitioning information on a RNA strand is used to assemble?
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a triplet of nucleotide bases that corresponds to a particular amino acid is acodoneprocess of obtaining energy from food and storing it in cellsanabolismall the processes of living things that store, obtain, or use energycatabolismsum of all processes that obtain, store, or use energy within cellsmetabolismwhat does metabolism includeanabolism and catabolismwhat is released when ATP reacts with water?ADPwhen a cell uses ATP for energy, the ATP is converted to what?ADPADP is a molecule that a cell recycles to store what?energywhat is a molecule that cells use to temporarily store energyATPATP is a molecule used by cells to provide __ for cellular processesenergyorganisms that can make their own foodautotrophsorganisms that can't make their own foodheterotrophswhat is a molecule that stores information in the nucleus of a cellDNAwhat is in DNAnucleotides made of nitrogen containing bases, a phosphate group, and a sugarWhat forms when nitrogenous bases are connected by hydrogen bonds?base pairswhat mistakes can be made during DNA replicationmutationnucleic acid such as DNA and RNA store whatinformationthe structure of a DNA molecule is whata double helixin a DNA molecule adenine bonds to whatthyminewhat is the process of an MA strand from a DNA molecule?transcriptorinformation storage molecule used to build proteinsRNAwhat are large molecules made of chains of amino acidproteinsin RNA thymine is replaced by whatUracilproteins are made by using information stored in whatDNAwhat is the process of making a strand of RNA based on strand of DNAtranscription