history chapter4

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Mercantilismseventeenth-century economic theory that held that the prosperity of a nation depended on a large supply of gold and silverPlantationa large agricultural estateMiddle Passagethe forced voyage of enslaved Africans to the AmericasColombian Exchangeexchange of plants and animals between the Americas and EuropeBecome less dependent on Spain and Portugal and gain wealthThe Dutch traded luxury items from India as well as enslaved people from West Africa in an attempt toNative Americans were often abused instead of being protected by settlersWhich of the following explains why encomienda was a failureslave trade from West AfricaThe more that European countries expanded in the Americas, the more they increased thedecreased populationOne effect of the slave trade on African societies wasPeninsularesSpanish and Portuguese officials who resided temporarily in Latin AmericaBrazilarea dominated by Portugal from the sixteenth century forwardMestizosoffspring of Europeans and Native Americansmitaallowed Spanish authorities to draft native workers to work in silver minesCreolesdescendants of Europeans born in Latin Americapeninsulares, creoles, mestizos, mulattoesWhat is the correct list of social classes from colonial Latin America from highest to lowestthey brought Native Americans together in villages where they were taught trades and encouraged to grow cropsHow did Catholic missionaries aid European powers in controlling the lives of Native AmericansviceroysSpanish and Portuguese kings appointed _____ to govern their colonies in Latin Americapoetry and prose and urged that women be educatedJuana Ines de la Cruz wrote