Theology: Unit 2

True or False: One of the things Luke relied on for information was eye witnesses.
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Who argued that Luke was the author of his gospel?Justin Martyr, Irenaes, Tertullian, and EusebiusWhy did Justin Martyr believe that Luke wrote his gospel?There is a memoir of Jesus that was written by a friend of Paul in 160 AD.True or False- An old list of New Testament books from 170 AD identifies the author of the gospel of Luke as Luke.TrueWho were the two main characters of Luke's writings?Peter and PaulTrue or False- Peter was one of the last disciples to be called by Jesus.FalseWho was in Jesus' inner circle?Peter, James, and JohnWho was the de facto leader of Christianity after Jesus left?PeterWho is considered to be the first bishop of Rome or "the pope?"PeterHow did Peter die?He was crucified upside down in 67 ADWho was a strict pharisee before becoming one of Jesus' followers?PaulWhat type of Pharisee was Saul?ShammaiWhat were all of Luke's sources for writing Acts?Personal experience, information from Paul, local churches, and oral transmissionWhat churches did Luke get his information from?Jerusalem, Caesarea, and AntiochWho claimed that Acts was the most important book of the New Testament?William BarclayWhy did William Barclay believe that Acts was the most important book of the New Testament?It makes sense of the other New Testament books, it covers the early church from 0-99 ADWhat language was Acts first written in?Koine GreekWhat book does Acts follow?JohnWhat are the themes of Acts?Christology, Inclusion of Outsiders, Miracles, Conversions, and EndangermentWhat is Christology?The study of who Jesus isIn chapter 10 of Luke, the good Samaritan helps a Jew even though they are enemies. This is an example of . . .Inclusion of OutsidersIn chapter 15 of Luke, Jesus talks with sinners and tax collectors. This is an example of . . .Inclusion of OutsidersWho continued Jesus' work after he resurrected?his disciplesIn chapter 5 of Acts, an angel of the Lord frees the disciples from prison. This is an example of . . .a miracleIn chapter 7 of Luke, Jesus heals a Roman centurion. This is an example of . . .inclusion of outsiders and miraclesAn exorcism is an example of . . .a miracleSaul was changing to Paul and becoming a follower of Jesus is an example of . . .a conversionImprisonment and martyring for religious belief is an example of . . .endangermentWhat genre is the book of Acts?historical