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Holy Eucharist: the last supper
final meal with disciples of bread and wine, says they represent his flesh and blood
Holy Eucharist: when?
sundays, the day Jesus arose from the dead
Holy Eucharist: meaning
catholicism and orthodoxy- christ bearers, protestantism- Jesus' ongoing presence
Holy Eucharist: connection to Judaism
last supper- passover seder
Holy Eucharist: how often?
catholics- daily, orthodox-weekly, protestantism-bimonthly
Holy Eucharist: bread?
catholics- round unleavened wafers, orthodox- leavened bread, protestants- unleavened shapes
Penance: where?
confessional booth
Penance: how often?
catholics- weekly, protestants- less often
Penance: statement?
"Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been _ since my last confession."
Penance: priest response
advice, act of contrition, admonition
Penance: orthodoxy
before an icon of Jesus, kneeling
Penance: protestantism
reconciliation room, with a priest, God is always forgiving
Penance: teshuva differences
no rabbi needed, must apologize, ashamnu and al chet prayer instead of contrition
Marriage: Concession of the flesh
marriage to the divine
Marriage: leaders
nuns, monks, catholic and orthodox priests
Marriage: Judaism
sex is good, monogamy
Anointing the Sick: when?
near or at death
Anointing the Sick: how?
priest, final confession offered, oil poured
Anointing the Sick: why?
good death
Anointing the Sick: Connection to Judaism
final vidui
Holy Order: basic levels
Deacons, Priests, Bishops
assists Priest, less education
serve the people, local parish
priest with administrative function, diocese
head of the catholic church, bishop of rome
bishop appointed by pope for college of cardinals
Holy Order: Protestantism
no priests, ministers or pastors
Holy Order: Orthodoxy
local priests, 15 major patriarchates with patriarch/matropolitan/archbishop
7 sacraments
baptism, confirmation, eucharist, penance, marriage, anointing the sick, holy order
Trinity: catholics
Jesus: both human and divine
Trinity: orthodox
Jesus: divine
Trinity: protestants
Jesus: some human, some divine
Immaculate Conception
sanctifying grace no original sin
sola scriptura
the bible is the only source of authority
40 days, Jesus' sacrifice
Ash Wednesday: what?
first day of lent Western
Ash Wednesday: how?
cross of ashes, psalms of penitence, communal confession
Ash Wednesday: why?
repentance, from dust (adam) to dust
Clean Monday: what?
first day of lent eastern, sunday of forgiveness
Palm Sunday: what?
beginning of holy week before lent
Palm Sunday: why?
remembering betrayal and sufferings of Jesus
Palm Sunday: Palms?
crowd hailed Jesus in Jerusalem with palm branches
Good Friday
before easter, Jesus' crucifiction
most important holiday, resurrection of Jesus, midnight services
Feast of the Ascension
honors Jesus' ascension to heaven, 40 days after Easter
50 days after Easter, disciples begin world wide church
Feast of the Assumption
honoring Mary, physically taken to heaven