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  1. Rectus Abdominus
  2. Rhomboid major
  3. Semitendinosus
  4. Extensor carpi radialis brevis
  5. Semimembranosus
  1. a compresses abdomen, and flexes trunk. Straight superficial six pack muscle.
  2. b slightly deeper and shorter than the extensor carpi radialis longus. More medial than the extensor digitorum. Action; extends and abducts hand.
  3. c adducts scapula. posterior to the minor deeper than the trapezius. Posterior view.
  4. d Extends thigh and flexes leg. Posterior thigh region; more superficial than semimebranosus. More medial side.
  5. e Extends thigh and flexes leg. Posterior thigh region; Deeper than semitendinosus, medial of bicep femoris, and slightly lateral of gracilis.

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  1. Extends knee and flexes thigh at hip. Anterior thigh wide superficial muscle connecting thigh to knee.
  2. long muscles from the forearm to the wrist. anterior and superficial . Elbow to thumb side of the wrist. Action; extends and abducts hand.
  3. Muscles acting on the shoulder. Posterior view superficial triangular muscle. Action; elevates, depresses, retracts scapula, and extends head.
  4. from sacral plexus goes from butt to achilles tendon
  5. Muscle for respiration. Elevates rips during inspiration. Lateral view. deep.

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  1. Fibularis longuslong muscle that connects to palm (only tendon over the flexor retinaculum). Action; flexes hand.


  2. Flexor carpi radialisposterior and superficial muscle that connects the forearm to the wrist on the pinky side. Action; flexes and adducts hand.


  3. Transverse abdominuscompresses abdomen, deepest layer of ab muscles. Going across.


  4. Buccainatorcompress cheek. Deep cheek lateral side.


  5. IlliacusPlantar flextion of foot. Muscle from leg region; Lateral side from the posterior view.