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  1. Orbicular oris
  2. flexor retinaculum
  3. Internal intercostals
  4. Fibularis longus
  5. Tibialis anterior
  1. a Dorsiflextion of foot; muscle of leg region; more medial than fibularis longus.
  2. b Plantar flexion and eversion of foot. Lateral shin muscle from the anterior view.
  3. c depresses ribs during forced expiration deep medial rib side.
  4. d located at base of palm on anterior side of hand--covers flexor tendons and prevents bowstringing except palmaris longus.
  5. e _______is the muscle around the mouth; moves your lips up and down, allows closing of lips. Deep muscle around lips.

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  1. rotates the forearm medially. Superficial in anatomical position, supine. Pronates-palm up to down.
  2. Elevates mandible. More medial that massete; deep region of cheek.
  3. muscle of the hip that abducts the thigh, lines the illiac crest.
  4. long muscle that connects to palm (only tendon over the flexor retinaculum). Action; flexes hand.
  5. anterior of forearm goes to wrist on the thumb side.Action flexes and abducts hand.

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  1. Extensor carpi ulnarisAction; extend and adducts hand. Starts at elbow to pinky side of wrist.


  2. TrapeziusMuscles acting on the shoulder. Posterior view superficial triangular muscle. Action; elevates, depresses, retracts scapula, and extends head.


  3. Rhomboid majoradducts scapula. posterior to the minor deeper than the trapezius. Posterior view.


  4. brachioradialisflexes forearm, deep muscles in brachial region.


  5. Adductor Magnusadducts thigh. Superficial of the sartorius on medial side near groin.