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  1. Adductor Longus
  2. Flexor digitorum superficialis
  3. Masseter
  4. Digastric
  5. Soleus
  1. a Plantar flextion of foot. Muscle from leg region; Lateral side from the posterior view.
  2. b muscle that flexes the fingers. (leads to the flexor retinaculum).
  3. c V-Shaped throat muscle. Opens mouth, depresses mandible, elevates hyoid bone during swallowing.
  4. d adducts thigh. Superficial of the sartorius on medial side near groin.
  5. e Elevates mandible. Cheek region deep muscle. For chewing.

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  1. depresses and moves scapula anteriorly. Attaches to ribs superior and goes to scapula.
  2. O: first 8-9 ribs | I: inside of vertebral border of scapula | A: protraction and upward rotation of shoulder
  3. medial rotation of arm. Posterior to minor superficial muscle from the posterior view.
  4. flexes and adducts arm, superficial and on the anterior view.
  5. adducts thigh. Medial side more lateral then Gracilis.

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  1. TrapeziusMuscles acting on the shoulder. Posterior view superficial triangular muscle. Action; elevates, depresses, retracts scapula, and extends head.


  2. Transverse abdominuscompresses abdomen, deepest layer of ab muscles. Going across.


  3. IlliacusFlexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh at the hip; flexes knee ie: crossing your legs. Longest muscle in the body wraps around thigh from anterior view.


  4. External intercostalsMuscle for respiration. Elevates rips during inspiration. Lateral view. deep.


  5. Triceps BrachiiFlexes forearm. anterior view superficia, brachial region muscle.