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Why "Assyriology" and "Egyptology" for decades of early archeology?
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- Because they were the oldest civilizations
- Archaeology started in the late 1700s and there were really no laws or rules about how to preserve or take care of artifacts
- For a while the only fields were assyriology and egyptology
- It's because they were ancient civilizations that still had modern day civilizations
- When the Assyrians started to fight more powerful kingdoms, they had trouble and didn't have enough men to fight kingdoms like Babylon. They chose to fight Babylon for like a century, they made themselves vulnerable.
- The empire fell under the assault of the Babylonians from southern Mesopotamia and Medes.
- When Assyria fell, the Babylon became the next powerful empire of mesopotamia
- Persians took over Babylonian empire
Why contact between Persia and the GreeksThey are unhappy with each otherIdeological clash between Persians and Greeks, real and imposed- The greeks were more democratic and the persians were governed by an emperor - Greeks were not into unified empires - Collectivist vs individualist - Unified empire vs independent city statesIonian Revolt and Persian reaction- East greeks - Athens sends an army over to help themGreco-Persian Wars, first and second- The first was in 490 and ended at the battle of marathon ( greek victory ) - The second was 10 years later in 480 and included the battle of thermopylae, pattaya, and salamis - The first war will end with the battle of marathon which increased their prestige and reputationImportant- Later European view of Greeks, cultural significance- The europeans tie themselves to the greeks - The europeans said they thought like the greeks, even though they didn't reallyBattle of Marathon- (490 B.C.E.) Battle where the Persians who invaded Greece were defeated on the Plain of Marathon by an Athenian army. - It was the first war - Greeks wonXerxes and second war strategy- To have a bigger army than his father had so that there was no way the greeks could fight backBattle of Thermopylae, history vs cultural mythology- In history it was a small part of the spartans who stood their ground at thermopylae to give the others more time to prepare - They all died with a good cause - The battle has been immortalized in the portrayal in movies and books to make it some super important battle, more important than it was - First significant battle of the second warBattles of Plataea and Salamis- Greeks win - Salamis- the first battle (naval) hundreds of ships that fought in close combat the salamis battle was fought in a small channel which the greeks won - Plataea- The second battle (land battle) The greeks wonConsequences of Greek victory in the Greco Persian Wars- They went into the golden age and thought they were the best thing god had ever made - This lasted about 50 years - philosophy - Science - Art - politics/government