144 terms

telling the time

it's one o'clock
it's two o'clock
it's three o'clock
it's four o'clock
it's five o'clock
it's six o'clock
it's seven o'clock
it's eight o'clock
it's nine o'clock
it's ten o'clock
it's eleven o'clock
it's twelve o'clock
it's five past one
it's five past two
it's five past three
it's five past four
it's five past five
it's five past six
it's five past seven
it's five past eight
it's five past nine
it's five past ten
it's five past eleven
it's five past twelve
it's ten past one
it's ten past two
it's ten past three
it's ten past four
it's ten past five
it's ten past six
it's ten past seven
it's ten past eight
it's ten past nine
it's ten past ten
it's ten past eleven
it's ten past twelve
it's a quarter past one
it's a quarter past two
it's a quarter past three
it's a quarter past four
it's a quarter past five
it's a quarter past six
it's a quarter past seven
it's a quarter past eight
it's a quarter past nine
it's a quarter past ten
it's a quarter past eleven
it's a quarter past twelve
it's twenty past one
it's twenty past two
it's twenty past three
it's twenty past four
it's twenty past five
it's twenty past six
it's twenty past seven
it's twenty past eight
it's twenty past nine
it's twenty past ten
it's twenty past eleven
it's twenty past twelve
it's twenty-five past one
it's twenty-five past two
it's twenty-five past three
it's twenty-five past four
it's twenty-five past five
it's twenty-five past six
it's twenty-five past seven
it's twenty-five past eight
it's twenty-five past nine
it's twenty-five past ten
it's twenty-five past eleven
it's twenty-five past twelve
it's half past one
it's half past two
it's half past three
it's half past four
it's half past five
it's half past six
it's half past seven
it's half past eight
it's half past nine
it's half past ten
it's half past eleven
it's half past twelve
it's twenty-five to one
it's twenty-five to two
it's twenty-five to three
it's twenty-five to four
it's twenty-five to five
it's twenty-five to six
it's twenty-five to seven
it's twenty-five to eight
it's twenty-five to nine
it's twenty-five to ten
it's twenty-five to eleven
it's twenty-five to twelve
it's twenty to one
it's twenty to two
it's twenty to three
it's twenty to four
it's twenty to five
it's twenty to six
it's twenty to seven
it's twenty to eight
it's twenty to nine
it's twenty to ten
it's twenty to eleven
it's twenty to twelve
it's a quarter to one
it's a quarter to two
it's a quarter to three
it's a quarter to four
it's a quarter to five
it's a quarter to six
it's a quarter to seven
it's a quarter to eight
it's a quarter to nine
it's a quarter to ten
it's a quarter to eleven
it's a quarter to twelve
it's ten to one
it's ten to two
it's ten to three
it's ten to four
it's ten to five
it's ten to six
it's ten to seven
it's ten to eight
it's ten to nine
it's ten to ten
it's ten to eleven
it's ten to twelve
it's five to one
it's five to two
it's five to three
it's five to four
it's five to five
it's five to six
it's five to seven
it's five to eight
it's five to nine
it's five to ten
it's five to eleven
it's five to twelve