Chapter 3 Muscular System pt 2

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biopsyThe removal of a small piece of tissue for examinationcarpal tunnel syndromeA condition caused by compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel and characterized especially by weakness, pain, and disturbances of sensation in the hand and fingerscircumductioncircular movement of a limb at the far endcontractilityability to shorten forcibly when stimulateddeltoidshoulder muscledorsiflexionbending of the foot or the toes upwarddystaxiapoor coordinationelasticityThe ability of a material to bounce back after being disturbedendomysiumConnective tissue surrounding a muscle fiberepimysiumsurrounds entire muscleeversionturning outwardexcitibilityability to respond to stimulifasciafibrous bandfascitisinflammation of the fasciaflexionbending a jointfrontalismuscle in the foreheadGastrocnemiusCalf musclehemiparesisweakness on one side of the bodyhemiplegiaparalysis of one side of the bodyhypertrophyincrease in cell sizehypotoniareduced muscle tone or tensioninsertionattachment to movable boneleiomyomasmooth muscle tumorligamentConnects bone to bonemyalgiamuscle painmyocelehernia of a musclemyomamuscle tumormyomalaciaabnormal softening of muscle tissuemyoparesisweakness or partial paralysis of a musclemyorrhexisrupture of a musclemyositisinflammation of muscleparaplegiaparalysis from the waist downparasthesiaabnormal sensation such as numbness and tinglingplantar fasciitisinflammation of the plantar fascia on the sole of the footradiographyprocess of recording x-raysrhabdomyomaskeletal muscle tumorsarcopeniathe loss of muscle mass, strength, and function that comes with agingsonographyprocess of recording soundtenalgiatendon painsprainstretching or tearing of ligaments