The Pioneers of Rock - Definitions

Allan, B & Dorricott, I 2011, In tune with music. Book 1, 4 edn, McGraw-Hill Australian Pty Ltd, Aus.
a frenzied 1950s rock style that combined elements of rhythm and blues with country and western
a piano style in which the left hand plays a steady quaver bass line while the righ hand plays syncopated figures with runs, glissandos, trills and other ornaments
a strongly rhythmic style featuring wah-wah guitar, punchy and disjointed bass lines, thin-textured drum accompaniments, call-and-response and the use of piano, organ and brass instruments
rhythm and blues
an aggressive Chicago-based African-American blues music of the 1940s that used drums, amplified guitars, double bass and saxophone
an emotional African-American religious musical style that developed in the nineteenth century and involved a lively and dynamic call-and-response between the preacher and the congregation
heavy rock
a rock style characterised by loud, distorted guitar effects and the use of riffs
stereophonic effects
recording effects that occur when different instruments and/or voices are reproduced on different channels (left and right) to separate the sounds and suggest a live hearing
a Jamaican rock style incorporating elements of African and Caribbean music
commercial pop
rock music written for a popular market, appealing to young people
a rock style in which the performer does not sing, but talks rapidly over a basic music background