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Why was Poryphoros or Spear Bearer, famous throughout the ancient world.
The Canon (Deomonstration of Polyclitus treastise on Proportion)
As discussed in the chapters continuity and Chang which of the following have had the greatest influence on Archaic/Greek sculpture?
Who destroyed athens
What did they do at agora
What new artictural form did the myceneans develop to buy their kings?
In what setting have most kouroi been found?
In cemetaries and sectuaries
Why did athens emerge from the dark ages as a leading polis?
Most likely a safe haven
What function did the Korai the equvalent of the kouroi seem to serve
Votive- Offering to athena, gift to goddess
The term ceramics from which of the following?
Which of the following helped pottery flourish in Athens?
New faster pottery wheels and Hotter Kilms
What subject was depicted on many early ceramic pots?
Stories of their gods
To what two groups does Roman culture trace its origins?
The Greeks and the Etruscans
Why does the Etruscan language present such a problem for translators?
The language was unrelated to any other in Europe
Why did Roman artists stray from the Greeks' portrayals of mythological events and heroes, instead depicting in their art current events and real people?
Why is the city of Rome's location geographically improbable?
Its hillsides were not favorable to building
According to its founding story, why was Rome named after Romulus, not his twin brother Remus?
Romulus killed Remus and became Rome's first king
According to the Roman poet Virgil, to whom do the Romans trace their origin?
The trojans
When they overthrew the Etruscans in 510 BCE, what did the Romans decide not to have in their society?
A monarch
Why beginning in 264 BCE did Rome engage Carthage in the Punic Wars?
The Romans desired control of Carthage's western Mediterranean wealth
Why was Gaius Julius Caesar murdered in the Senate on March 15, 44 BCE?
He had assumed overbearing control over Rome
Why would 2nd- and 1st-century BCE Romans portray their ancestors with verism, showing every wart and wrinkle?
To show the wisdom and experience of age
What deeply-seated Roman virtue demanded respect towards the gods, country, and parents?
Why is Cupid riding a dolphin shown at Augustus's feet on the sculpture Augustus of Primaporta?
To show Augustus's divine descent from Venus
Why did Augustus pass laws forcing citizens to marry and penalizing them for being childless?
To increase the number of citizens in Rome
Why were the Romans attracted to the philosophy of Stoicism?
They reveled in its belief that pleasure is the object of human life
Why did Augustus permanently banish the poet Ovid from Rome?
For living in open disregard of Augustus's family-centered policies
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What Roman invention enabled builders to construct the Colosseum's vaulted arches?
Why was the Arch of Titus constructed?
To celebrate Titus's sack of the Second Temple of Jerusalem
Why was the Pantheon constructed with a 30-foot-diameter oculus (hole) in its roof?
To symbolize Jupiter's ever-watchful eye over Rome
What feature occupied the center of a Roman domus?
A garden
Why did the Roman baths come to signal a decline in values and morals?
They came to symbolize material excess
Why does Pericles claim in hisb funeral speech that Athens school is the school of Hellas
Greece taught by example
How does the kritios boy define classical beauty
Liveliness of posture and gesture and a sense of capturing the body in action