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Which of the following is the more accurate vision of adolescence?
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With reference to cross-cultural comparisons, which of the following statements about adolescence pregnancies is trueIn 2015 the birth rate for 15 to 19 yr olds was the lowest ever recorded in the USA number of leading experts on adolescent sexuality conclude that abstinence-only programs:Are less effective at reducing the risk of adolescent pregnancy than sex-education programsA national study of US adolescents revealed that physical activityincreased until 13 yr and then declined through 18According to the National Center for Health Statistics, about 11 percent of 12 to 19 yr olds were overweight in the early 1990s, what percentage was overweight in 2016nearly 20.6%Mary Carskadon and colleagues research on adolescent sleep patterns found thatwhen given the opportunity, adolescents will sleep an average of 9 hours and 25 minutes a nightSeveral research studies were conducted by Mary Clarkso and her colleagues on the sleep patterns of U.S adolescents. They concluded from the studies thatolder adolescents tend to be sleepier during the day than younger adultsThe majority of unintentional injuries in adolescence involvemotor vehicle accidents______ are the second leading cause of death in adolescenceHomicidesSince the 1950s, the adolescent suicide rate has:tripledwhich of the following has been found to be true about binge drinking among US adolescentsbinge drinking has decline among high school seniors since 1980The institute of social research at the university of michigan monitored the drug use of americas high school seniors in a wide range of public and private high schools they found that the percentage of illicit drug use.has been declining overall over the past several decadesRecent research revealed that ______ parenting was linked to lower adolescent alcohol consumption and cigarette useauthorativeRecent research (fadus, smith, squeglia) suggests that _____ is serving as a gateway for adolescent smoking marijuanae-cigarettesWhich of the following characterize persons suffering from anorexia nervosarestricted energy intake, low body weight, and an intense fear of gaining weight.Which of the following is the third leading cause of death for 10-19 yr olds in the ussuicideDuring a seminar on suicidal tendencies in adolescence, Dr Karl says, Female adolescences are more likely to attempt suicide then male adolescents but male adolescents are more likely to succeed in committing suicide. Which of the following research findings most likely explains the reasoning for Dr Karls statementMale adolescents use more lethal means in their suicide attempts then females doThe four problems that affect the most of adolescents are drug abuse sexual problems school related problems andjuvenile delinquincyIf a community wants to develop programs to help at-risk youths, an important component to include in the program would be:intensive individuilized attentionOne study found that low rates of delinquency from 14-23 yrs of age were associated with a ________ parenting styleauthoritativeearly onset antisocial behavior isassociated with more negative developmental outcomes than late-onset antisocial behavior.In recent research which of the following program types was linked to a reduction in delinquencyfamily therapyThe most effective way to treat adolescence depression isa combination of drug therapy and cognitive behavioral therapyThe largest increases in media use in early adolescence are forTv and video gamesBased on the 2009 Kaiser Family Foundation survey, adding up the daily media use figures to obtain weekly media use leads to the staggering levels of more than ________ hours a week of media use by 11- to 14-year-olds.60Based on the 2009 Kaiser Family Foundation survey, adding up the daily media use figures to obtain a report of weeky media among 15-18 yr olds shows that they engage in almost _______ hours a week of media use56Which of the following is driving the increased media use by adolescentscell phonesA _______ is a ceremony or ritual that marks an individuals transition from one status to another and mostly focuses on the transition to adult statusrite of passageThe event that comes closest to being a culture-wide rite of passage in the United States is:the school graduation ceremonyIdentify the dual struggle often faced by immigrants to the USTo preserve identity and acculturateThe 2009 Kaiser Family Foundation survey, which included more then 2000 8-18 yr olds documented that adolescent media use has ________ in the last decadeincreased dramaticallyThe initial stage of development of romantic relationships in adolescence is characterized by entry into romantic attractions and affiliations at about ________ yrs of age11 to 13Which of the following is the last stage of the development of romantic relationships in adolescenceconsolidating dyadic romantic bondsWhich of the following statements about the trend in cross cultural gender differences in sexual expression is trueGender differences in sexual expression and educational opportunities appear to be narrowing over timeAccording to research which of the following is true of adolescents and how they spend their timeUS adolescents spend about 60% as much time on schoolwork as east asian adolescents doIn contrast with the trend in young children teenagers typically prefer to havea smaller number of friendships that are more intense and intimate________ the most influential theorist to discuss the importance of adolescent friendships proposed that friends become increasingly important in meeting social needs in adolescenceHarry Stack SullivanAt which grade level does conformity to peers peakEighth and ninth gradesThe covid 19 pandemic of 2020 led to which of the following side effectsfor some anxiety and stress due to restrictions on personal interaction during quarintineConflicts arise between parents and adolescents because:few parents anticipate how strongly their adolescent will push for autonomy and responsibilityThe National longitudinal study on adolescent health, which surveyed more then 12000 adolescents found that adolescents who did not eat dinner with a parent five or more days a weekhad dramatically higher rates of smoking and drinkingaccording to the old model of parent-adolescent relationshipsparent-adolescent conflict is intense and stressful throughout adolesceneceThe new model of parent-adolescent relationships emphasizes thatin most families, parent adolescent conflict is moderate rather then severe