PHYSIOLOGY: graded potentials vs action potentials

18 terms by nursekatrina

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graded potentials

graded potential change; magnitude varies with magnitude of triggering event

graded potentials

duration varies with duration of triggering event

graded potentials

decremental conduction; magnitude diminishes with distance form initial site

graded potentials

passive spread to neighbouring inactive areas of membrane

graded potentials

no refractory period

graded potentials

can be summed

graded potentials

can be depolarization or hyperpolarization

graded potentials

triggered by stimulus, by combination of neurotransmitter with receptor, or by spontaneous shifts in leak-pump cycle

graded potentials

occurs in specialized regions of membrane designed to respond to triggering event

action potentials

all-or-none membrane response; magnitude of triggering event coded in frequency rather than amplitude of action potentials

action potentials

constant duration

action potentials

propagated throughout membrane in undiminishing fashion

action potentials

self-regeneration in neighbouring inactive areas of membrane

action potentials

refractory period

action potentials

summation impossible

action potentials

always depolarization and reversal of charges

action potentials

triggered by depolarization to threshold, usually through spread of graded potential

action potentials

occurs in regions of membrane with abundance of voltage-gated Na+ channels

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