Chapter 18

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Cardiac Labs
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QRS wave isventricular depolarizationT waveventricular repolarization and relaxationSpikes on the strip areVentricular kicksatrial fibrillationIncrease atrial rate Occurs wit HTNatrial fibrillation s/sPalpitations (fluttering) Shortness of breathatrial fibrillation txMeds. - calcium channel blockers -Digoxin - amiodoronecardioversion (defibrillation)Converts it back to sinus rhythm by by forceblood proteinsTroponin 1 & 2 CKMB - 4-6hr after injury; remains elevated for 24- 12hrs CkAtrial fib predisposes the pt. ToBlood clotsPACpremature atrial contraction An electrical focus fires before the next SA node impulse is due, thereby depolarizing the aortaPVC txtreatment is related to the underlying causePVCpremature ventricular contraction An early beat without a p-wave and with a wide ORS contractionPVC teachinginjury to the heart muscle will Most likely lead to a dysronythmia (Fatal).PVC Triggerscaffeine, nicotine, alcohol stress, meds, hypoxia, hypokalemiaVFventricular fibrillation Requires immediate attentionVF S/SEye rolling, quivering ventricles, loss of bladder , seizure likeVF txShock ( only given to a pulsing Patient)CHF s/s-fatigue -dyspnea -tachycardia -edema -nocturia -crackles/rales in lower lungs -weight gain -anginaDx for chi