Chapter 21_Principles and Techniques of Instrument Processing and Sterilization

Critical instruments
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Load the sterilizer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Label packages. Do not overload the sterilizer. Place packages on their edges in single layers or on racks in increase circulation of the sterilizing agent around the instruments. Operate the sterilizer according to the manufacture's instructions. Allow packages to cool before removing them from the sterilizer. Allow packages to cool before handling.
An effective quality assurance program should incorporate training, record keeping, maintenance, and the use of biologic indicators.QualityUtility gloves, mask, eyewear, and protective clothingWhat does Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) include?Through percutaneous injury (e.g., needle sticks, cuts)What exposure can occur when transporting processing contaminated patient care items (instruments)?○Dedicated only to instrument processing ○Physically separated from operatories and laboratoryInstrument-Processing AreaDirty, Clean, SterilizeWhat is the workflow pattern in the instrument-processing area?Biological IndicatorVials known spores test, used to determine if sterilization has occurredBiologic MonitoringVerifies sterilization by confirming that all spore-forming microorganisms have been destroyedHolding SolutionPrevents the drying of blood and debris on the instrumentsFlash SterilizationMethod for sterilizing unwrapped patient care items for immediate useChemical Indicatorchange color when exposed to heat temperatures and timeHand scrubbing Ultrasonic cleaner Instrument-washing machineInstruments may be preclean in one of three ways:Hand Scrubbingthe least desirable method of cleaning instruments because it requires direct hand contact with the contaminated instrumentCavitation and implosionWhat does the ultrasonic do?