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A client does not make eye contact with the nurse and is folding their arms at their chest. Which aspect of communication has the nurse assessed
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A nurse is showing a client how to perform a subcutaneous injection. After teaching the nurse evaluates if her teaching was affective. what technique would the nurse use to evaluate successful learningReturn demonstrationMr. Jackson is checking into a hospital to undergo The surgical excision of his prostateProstatectomyThe nurse is working with a diabetic patient is attempting to teach psychrometer skills. This is occurring when the nurse has the patientDraw up and self inject insulin correctlyIdentify the etiology in the nursing diagnosis statement. Constipation related to decreased gastrointestinal motility as evidenced by the patient reporting no bowel movement in seven days, abdominal distention, and complains of abdominal painAbdominal distentionIdentify elements in the evaluation process. select all that applyA. Collecting subjective and objective data to determine whether criteria or standards are met B. Terminating, continuing, or revising the care planThe nurse is evaluating whether a patient's turning schedule was effective in preventing the formation of pressure ulcers. Which finding indicates success of the turning scheduleAbsence of skin breakdownThe nursing student develops a plan of care based on recently published article describing the effects of address on a patient's calcium blood levels. And creating the plan of care, the nursing student has an obligation to do which actioncritically appraise the evidence and determine validityA nurse is developing an individualized plan of care for a patient. Which action is important for the nurse to takeEstablish goals that are measurable and realisticA nurse is evaluating care of an immobilized patient. Which action will the nurse takeCompare the patient's actual outcomes with outcomes in the care planNurse uses situation background assessment recommendations during handoff. The purpose of SBAR is toStandardize communicationA patient was admitted two days ago with pneumonia and a history of angina. The client is now having chest pain with a pulse rate of 108. Using the SBAR format, which answer would be the B of sbarHistory of AnginaThe nurse is seeking clarification of a statement that was made by the patient. What is the best way for a nurse to seek clarificationAm I correct in understanding thatWhile preparing a teaching plan, the nurse describes what the learner will be able to accomplish after the teaching session about healthy eating. Which action is the nurse completingDeveloping learning objectivesThe nurse is observing the way a patient walks. Which aspect is the nurse assessingGaitThe nurse is preparing a patient for surgery. The nurse explains that the reason for writing an indelible ink on the surgical site wound is correct is toDistinguish the correct surgical siteThe nurse has identified a research problem. What is the next up for the nurseConduct a literature reviewThe client was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. He was found on the floor this morning crying and holding his right leg his right leg is tender to touch and has an abrasion which statement IS THE S in the SBAR communication systemThe client was found on the floor, crying and holding his right legA patient who has been hospitalized for several weeks is about to be discharged. The patient is weak from hospitalization as the nurse to explain why this is happening. What is the nurses best responseYou're immobility in the hospital is known as deconditioningThe suffix in the term pneumonia isia, condition or diseaseWhat should the nurse address firstAbsence of pulseA nurse is preparing a care plan for a patient who is immobile. Which psychosocial aspect will the nurse assess forLoss of hopeThe nurse is providing care to the client that is admitted for abdominal pain. The nurse understands that which of the following items would be subjective a data. Select all- client reports they have vomited three times -client reports eating spicy food at 0200 -client reports a mess is yellow in colorThe nurse is caring for a patient admitted for the removal of an infected appendix. Which actions by the nurse would indicate an understanding of the 2020 hospital safety goals. Select allChecks medication three times before administration marks the surgical site with a black felt pen wash his hands between patients and or when soiled places identification band on right armA nurse is assessing body alignment what is the nurse monitoringThe relationship of one body part to another in different positionsAfter the nurse calculates a spirit of inquiry, the next step in evidence based practice is whatA clinical question in a PICOT formatYour client tells you he learns by having someone explain something to him. What teaching method should be used to teach him about his new medicationOne on one discussionIn which step of the nursing process does the nurse determine if the clients condition has improved and whether the client has met expected outcomesEvaluationThe nurse is providing care to the client that is admitted for abdominal pain. The nurse understands which of the following items would be objective data-client has hypertensive fall sounds in 2 quadrants - client has a pulse rate of 99 bpm - client has a blood pressure of 140/90The home care nurse visits and elderly coup. She finds many fall risks in the home. Which statement by the client indicates an understanding of the nursing teachers to decrease fall risk select all- we will remove the throw rugs - we will install a handrail on our front porchIn collecting the best evidence, the gold standard for research isThe randomized controlled trialA nurse as the following diagnoses to a patient care plan constipation related to decrease gastrointestinal motility secondary to pain medication administration as evidenced by the patient reporting no bowel movements in seven days.Abdominal distentionA nurse is providing assistive range of motion, for a patient with impaired mobility. Which technique will the nurse use for each movementEach point is move just to the point of resistance by the nurseThe suffix in the term Phoeboplasty isPlasty, surgical repairHospital systems frequently make new rules and procedures based on sentimental events. Which of the following is an example of centennial eventsA client falls out of bed and has bruising on his right legInflammation of the tonsils is tonsil-itisThe nurse has a client that speaks little to no English. What strategies should the nurse implement while taking care of this clientProvide a professional interpreter for the client and healthcare providerWhich of the following are methods to reduce the risk of needlestick injury select all- never force a needle into the sharps disposal - use needle as devices whenever possible -have sharps boxes emptied one 3 quarters fullAn example of measurable goal/outcome would beThe patient will be able to lift 10 pounds by the end of the week oneThe research investigator is interested in exploring house bosses of patience, who have had sudden my car lol infections, feel about taking their spouseQualitativeThe nurse is intervening for an identified nursing diagnosis risk of infection. Which direct care nursing intervention is most appropriateTeaching the family proper handwashing techniquesClient states that he is very sad however, the nurse observes the patient smiling and laughing. What assessment can the nurse makeIntrocongruentThe nurse is caring for a client who has an open wound. When evaluating the progress of the wound healing what is the nurses priority actionMeasure the wound, observe for the redness, swelling, or drainage and compare with previous measurementThe nurse is assessing a patient with a hearing deficiency. Where is the best place to conduct this interviewThe patient's room with the door closed and television offThe term lymphadenopathy refers to a word that means glandAden/oWhat does the term electrocardiogram meanThe record produces from electric activity of the heartA nurse identifies a nursing diagnosis of risk for falls when assessing a client upon admission the nurse and the client agreed that the goal is for the client to remain free from falls. However the client fell just before the shift change. What is the nurses priority action when evaluating the patient's plan of careIdentify factors interfering with goal achievementWhich action indicates a nurse is using critical thinking for implementation of nursing care to clientsDetermines whether an intervention is correct and appropriate for the given situationThe term that means pertaining to the chest isthoracicThe nurse is caring for an older patient with a diagnosis of UTI. Upon assessment the nurse finds that the patient is confused and agitated. How will the nurse interpret these assessment findingsThese are common manifestations of UTI in elderly'sAn older adult is being started on a new antihypertensive medication. I'm teaching a patient about the medication, the nurseAllows the patient time to express himself or herself and ask questionsThe suffix in the term hepatoma is ________, which means ___________.Oma, tumor or masspatient requires per repositioning every two hours. Which task the nurse delegate to the nursing assistant personnelChanging the patient's positionDuring a patient's bath the nurse observes the patient having a tonic clonic seizure. The nurse immediately change the patient on side lying position. The nurse is demonstrating which phase of the nursing processImplementationA patient has been admitted and placed on fall precautions. The nurse explained to the patient that interventions for the precautions includedPlacing a high risk for falls armband on the patientNephrectomy means _____ of the kidney.RemovalWhat does the term rhinorrhea meanflow or discharge from the noseFowlers chart