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  1. Wedge-drivers
  2. What is the kernel of truth?
  3. Characteristics of rumors
  4. Pipe-dreams
  5. Foot in door
  1. a intended to divide group loyalties or undermine relationships
  2. b Somewhat reasonable, simplistic, difficult to disprove
    Speed-travels fast
    Needs willing communicators
    Group size
    Accuracy-some truth
    Self-confirming-rumors create reality
  3. c A core accuracy at the heart of a claim which also contains falseness
  4. d Ask for something small-gets bigger and bigger
  5. e Positive rumors-reflect desires & hopes

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  1. Tell both sides
  2. 1. Reward
    2. Punishment
    3. Assigned
    4. Referent
    5. Wisdom
    6. Network
    7. Informational
  3. Reliable
    Good Will
  4. More you dwell, less likely to forgive
  5. Perceived and hard to define

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  1. How to reduce stereotypesNote how people differ
    Note inadequacies of generalization
    Find similarities to you
    Increase contact
    Increase familiarity


  2. 4 reasons why people meet and talkProximity, Appearance, Utility, Loneliness


  3. Aspects of organization of messagesPerceived
    Affects perceptions


  4. Fear appeals are best when:They are directed to those you care about
    People care about the fear
    Fear gives you a way out
    They are vivid
    You believe it can happen to you


  5. What are the two types of negative rumors?Anxiety
    Information importance
    Credibility of rumor