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  1. Fear appeals are best when:
  2. Two types of proximity
  3. What are the aspects of selective perception?
  4. Characteristics of rumors
  5. Foot in door
  1. a Physical and psychological
  2. b They are directed to those you care about
    People care about the fear
    Fear gives you a way out
    They are vivid
    You believe it can happen to you
  3. c Somewhat reasonable, simplistic, difficult to disprove
    Speed-travels fast
    Needs willing communicators
    Group size
    Accuracy-some truth
    Self-confirming-rumors create reality
  4. d Understand biases-self-interests shape what we see/hear
    Reduce ambiguity-huge misunderstandings can happen b/c of ambiguity
    Use redundancy-more examples make things easier to grasp
    Focus on listener's needs-control, inclusion, affection, efficacy (have to believe what you're doing matters)
    Focus on listener's schemas-understand the way they organize things so there is no misunderstanding
  5. e Ask for something small-gets bigger and bigger

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  1. Positive rumors-reflect desires & hopes
  2. Exposure, attention, retention, influence
  3. Perceived and hard to define
  4. Forgivingness
  5. Depend on them to get work done

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  1. Impacts of FacebookConfront transgression
    Manage emotion
    Engage in sense-making


  2. DisconfirmationsSpecial case, special advantage, unusual motivation, situation


  3. Relational contradictionsTask attraction
    Social attraction
    Physical attraction


  4. 3 ways of how to be a good listenerExplicit


  5. Sociability skillsNever embarrass yourself
    Be aware of secret tests