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  1. Kinds of similarity
  2. What are the 5 aspects of selective attention?
  3. Different norm violations
  4. Predominant dresser effect
  5. What is the kernel of truth?
  1. a Novelty-like to hear new things
    Concrete-want concreteness-easier to wrap head around
    Less competing stimuli-less distractions
    Momentum-once you're involved, you'll pay more attention
    Utility-pay attention to what seems useful
  2. b Mom dresses dad -> people look alike as they get older
  3. c A core accuracy at the heart of a claim which also contains falseness
  4. d Dependence
    Public embarrassment
    Drug and alcohol abuse
    Unilateral decision making
  5. e Background similarity
    Attitude similarity
    Optimal similarity

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  1. Exposure, attention, retention, influence
  2. Overanalyze
    Track record
  3. Complementary and symmetrical
  4. More you dwell, less likely to forgive
  5. Positive rumors-reflect desires & hopes

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  1. Tasks of forgivenessConfront transgression
    Manage emotion
    Engage in sense-making


  2. Sandwich modelGive people good news, then bad news, then good news


  3. God termsFeared or anxiety provoking outcomes (dread rumors)


  4. What are the different aspects of selectivity?Selective exposure, selective retention, selective attention, selective perception


  5. Aspects of organization of messagesEvidence
    Fear Appeals
    WIIFT (what's in it for them)