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Catacomb of Priscilla
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pendentivestriangle sections that transfer the weight to piers2 pieces in the Hagia SophiaTheotokos and Deesis MosaicVienna Genesisearly 6th century tempera, gold and silver on purple vellum soaked the vellum in urine to dye it illustrated manuscript done at a monastery latin calligraphySan Vitale547 CE byzantine centrally ambulatory the gold background represents heavenTheodora Rhetoricshe is carrying the wine apse mosaic in San VitaleMerovingian Fibulaemid 6th century silver gilt worked in filigree with inlaid garnet and other stones early mid-evil held your cloak on frankish bird's head at the top cloisonne zoomorphismcloisonnesolder wires onto a metal base and fill the inside with precious stones or enamelVirgin and Child between Saints Theodore and Georgeearly 6th or 7th century encaustic on wood TheotokosThe Lindisfarne Gospels700 CE illustrated manuscript Hiberno-Saxon manuscript written by monks includes carpet pages and author pages christogram zoomorphismChurch and Reliquary of Saint Foy1130 CE gold(reliquary) pilgrimage church indulgence romanesque based off a basilicafeatures in Saint Foytransept crossing radiating chapels piers compound pier westwork crossing tower portals cruciformBayeux Tapestry1070 embroidered wool on linen a visual depiction of the invasion of England and the battle of Hastings normans are descendants of vikings- explains the way the boats lookedChartes Cathedral1145-13th century gothic cathedral the relick here is the tunic that Mary wore cruciform the original portal is called the royal portal 3 story elevation quadpartite lancettympanumthe space enclosed by a lintel and an arch over a doorway3 story elevation of Chartes1st story- naive and arcade 2nd story- triforium 3rd story- clerestoryrose window in ChartesOur Lady of the Beautiful Window shows Mary as the Queen of Heaven TheotokosMoralized Bible of Saint Louis1234 gold leaf front cover vellum- the pages illustrated manuscript Blanche is the mom of Saint LouisRoettgen Pieta1325 german painted woodpietajesus in the arms of Mary once he has come off the cross