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Incoming Calls

Answer telephone calls promptly, by the second or third ring.

Hold the phone's mouthpiece about an inch away from your mouth, and leave at least one hand free to write with.



Greet callers first with the name of the office and then with your name.


Do not answer the phone by simply giving the number of your office or by saying "hello."


Identify the caller.


Demonstrate your willingness to assist the caller by asking, "How may I help you?"


Be courteous, calm, and pleasant.


Pay full attention to the caller, and listen carefully. Identify the nature of the call. Use words appropriate to the situation, but avoid using technical terms.


If you get interrupted by a second call, excuse yourself to the first caller and answer the second call.


Determine the identity of the second caller and the nature of the call.


Return to the first call as soon as possible.


Minimize waiting for all callers.


In fact, if callers are on hold, return to them occasionally to reassure them that you have not forgotten about them and to update them on what is going on.


At the end of the call, say "goodbye" and use the caller's name.

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