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Behavior Therapy - Counseling Theories


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In terms of ethical accountability, behavior therapy:
provides a basis for responsible practice
Behavior therapy groups employ a long-term treatment model.
A trend in contemporary behavior therapy is the increased emphasis on the role of thinking and "self-talk" as a factor in behavior
Which of the following behavior therapists is credited with developing the social cognitive learning model, doing much work on observational learning and modeling, and writing about self-efficacy?
Which of the following interventions is not associated with the third wave of behavior therapy?
relaxation training
A limitation of behavior therapy is:
none of these
Some researchers believe that fear of flying may be due primarily to claustrophobia
There is no place for the role of thinking process and attitudes in contemporary behavior therapy.
The premise of the exposure-based therapies is that anxiety is reduced through:
pairing a feared stimulus with a competing, calming response.
Wolpe's systematic desensitization is based on the principles of
classical conditioning
Behavior therapists tend to
all of these
During the second wave of behavior therapy, therapists
all of these
Which of the following is not a basic characteristic of behavior therapy?
The therapist is manipulative and controlling
What is not a part of the steps in a self-directed change program
exploration of one's family constellation
What would be the most accurate way of describing mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) to a friend or colleague?
All of these.
All of the following are steps in the use of systematic desensitization except for
Which of the following is not true regarding behavior therapy?
The client is merely passive while the therapist uses techniques.
Behavior therapists look to the current environmental events that maintain problem behaviors and help clients produce behavior change by changing environmental events, through a process called:
functional assessment.
is a key pioneer of clinical behavior therapy because of his broadening of its conceptual bases and development of multimodal therapy
Arnold Lazarus
In acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), another way to describe the term "acceptance" is:
nonjudgmental awareness