Chemical Reactions

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Balanced Equations
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Law of Conservation of MassMatter cannot be created or destroyed - the mass of the products in a chemical reaction must be equal to the mass of the reactants.MoleculeTwo or more atoms chemically combinedPhysical ChangeA change in a substance that doesnt change the into a different onePhysical PropertyA characteristic of a substance that can be observed wothout changing the identity of a substancePreciptateA solid substance formed from a liquid solution.SubscriptA number written after an element's symbol in a chemical formula that indicates the number of atoms of a specific elementElementA pure substance made of only one kind of atomReactantsElements or compounds on the left side of a chemical equationProductsElements or compounds on the right side of a chemical equationPhysical ChangeThe type of change in which the form of matter is altered, but one substance is not transformed into another.EndothermicA reaction in which heat is absorbed.ExothermicA reaction in which heat is released or given off.Unbalanced EquationThe number of atoms for each element are not equal for the reactants and products.

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