G. Thomas Unit 3 Vocabulary Workshop, Level C

20 unit 3 flashcards
Definition: to assign or distribute

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: parcel out

Antonym: 0

Sentence: The dealer allotted the cards and distributed the chips for the poker game.
Definition: to bring together, collect or gather

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: pile up

Antonym: squander

Sentence: The pack rat had amassed a lot of things in it's de that the home owner had wasted
Definition: bold or adventurous

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: brave

Antonym: timid

Sentence: The the teens mother was used to his audacious attitude and sometimes hoped that he wouldn't be as brave.
Definition: to yield to a request or command

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: submit to

Antonym: refuse

Sentence: At first he would not submit to authority, but when he got to the police station he decided comply to authority.
Definition: Wanting or needing something or someone

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: wanting, lacking, barren

Antonym: full, teeming

Sentence: The devoid desert was so barren that it looked as if it had no end.
Definition: n.) the best adj.) better than the rest

Part of Speech: noun, adjective

Synonym: cream of the crop, upper crust

Antonym: dregs of sociecity, bad

Sentence: Only the cream of the crop get to play among the elite players in the NFL.
Definition: n.) a hook v.) to wrestle or wrangle with

Part of Speech: noun, verb

Synonym: tackle, confront

Antonym: 0

Sentence: they decoded to grapple with the problem now instead of confronting it later.
Definition: to deprive of strength or weakness

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: disable, cripple

Antonym: enable, restore

Sentence: The ball hit him in the head incapacitating him and disabling him from playing the rest of the game.
Definition: to urge or start

Part of Speech: verb

Synonym: start

Antonym: stop

Sentence: Please don't instigate another argument between them because when they start it is very hard to stop them.
Definition: long life span

Part of Speech: noun

Synonym: length of life, long life

Antonym: Brevity

Sentence: Longevity is a good trait to have lof you can live a long life.
Definition: great in numbers

Part of Speech: Adjective/ Noun

Synonym: innumerable, countless

Antonym: few, scant

Sentence: They have myriad troops but ours are stronger and can fly.
Definition: point of view

Part of Speech: noun

Synonym: view point, sense of proportion.

Antonym: one-sided

Sentence: I see your perspective but you are not even trying to see from my view point.
Definition: to confuse or to trouble

Part of speech: Verb

Synonym: upset, agitate, confuse

Antonym: delight please

Sentence: This map perturbs me so much that I dont even know where to begin.
Definition: Impressive, immense

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: astounding, gigantic

Antonym: puny, insignificant

Sentence: The child had an astounding vocabulary and was a prodigious speller.
Definition: in some way connected to the matter at hand.

Part of speech: adjective

Synonym: applicable

Antonym: unconnected

Sentence: The sign telling what wildlife we might encounter on our hike is very relevant to knowing the applicable things to bring.
Definition: Nervous or scared easily

Part of Speech: adjective

Synonym: jumpy,capricious

Antonym: bold,daring,reckless, cool

Sentence: Squirrels are always so skittish and sometimes jump in front of cars because they are so jumpy.
Definition: n.) a rope or chain used to hold something down. v.) to chain something or tie something up.

Part of Speech: noun/ verb

Synonym: tie up, chain, leash

Antonym: let loose, untie

Sentence: Please go tether the dog to the post and give it a treat.
Definition: together, with one another

Part of speech: noun

Synonym: harmony, accord

Antonym: not together

Sentence: The row team seemed to be in perfect unison and harmony.
Definition: to compete for

Part of speech: verb

Synonym: contend for

Antonym: 0

Sentence: As the basketball players vie for the win, my sister and I contend for the french fries our parents made us share.
Definition: stubborn or self seeking

Part of speech: adjective

Synonym: headstrong, self willed

Antonym: docile, obedient

Sentence: Donkeys are known to be very self willed animals, that are very willful if you disagree with what they want.

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