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May 20, 1789

Birthday of St Marcellin

June 6, 1840

Date of Death of St Marcellin at age 51

May 29, 1859

Beatification of St Marcellin by Pope Pius VII

April 18, 1999

Canonization of St Marcellin by Pope John Paul II

June 6

Feast Day of St Marcellin

Blessed Virgin Mary

His model, he calls "Ordinary Resource" or "Good Mother"

Jean Baptiste and Marie Therese

Parents of St Marcellin

Jean Baptiste Montagne

The dying young boy who knew nothing about Jesus; inspired him to form brothers.

Bro. Francois

Succeeded Fr. Marcellin

Le Rosey, France

Birthplace of St Marcellin

Lyons, France

Where St Marcellin entered the seminary

La Valla, France

Where St Marcellin was first assigned as a priest


Where St Marcellin died; house he built for his brothers


Where he dedicated his brothers and plans to Mary


"All to Jesus through Mary"; "In order to educate the children, you must first love them"; "To make Jesus known and loved"


Prayer prayed by St Marcellin and Brother Stanislaus when they got lost one winter night

Three Violets

His favorite flower; stands for humility, simplicity and modesty


Means of Mary; doing good quietly, disciplined, one who takes care of his least-favored brothers, good Christian and virtuous citizen

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