Preventative care and Parturition

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How long does stage 2 labor last?3-6 hrs but longer than 24 is normalWhat is stage 3 of labor?Delivery of placentaWhen do we expect to see the placenta when a dog is giving birth?After every newbornWhen do we expect to see the placenta when a cat is giving birth?After all newborns are birthedHow may placentas should the mother release after birth?Depending on how many are in the litterWhat do we call an unspayed female dog?BitchWhat do we call an unspayed femail cat?QueenAround what day of gestation fetuses may be visible in an ultrasound?20 daysAround what day of gestation fetuses can be palpated?25-36 daysAround what day of gestation fetuses can be seen on a radiograph?45 daysWhat test do we commonly use to count number in litter?RadiographsWhen do we increase the nutritional requirements on a female animal and by how much?During week 5 and will increase 30-60%What type of food should we feed a pregnant animal?Puppy or repro foodWhen can the female go back to her NORMAL diet?after 4-5 weeks of lactationWhat are the stages of canine labor?Uterine contractions, w/o abdominal contraction Delivery of newborns "Welping" Delivery of placentaWhat are the stages of feline labor?Uterine contractions, w/o abdominal contraction Delivery of newborns "queening" Complete delivery of all placentasWhen do puppies and kittens begin to eat solid foods?Introduce @ 3-4 weeksHow long do puppies and kitten typically nurse for?6-8 weeksWhen should puppies and kittens be completely weaned?9 weeksAre neonates able to regulate their body temp?No, not for several days post partumWhat are the vital signs of newborns?T: 94.5°F - 97°F HR: 160-200 bpm RR: 10-20 BpmDescribe Neonate development for week 1 of life.Sleep 80% of the day Nurse every 2-4 hrs Start lifting head and crawlingDescribe neonate development for week 2 of life.Begin to crawl Body temp raising Will open eyes 7-10 days Ear canals open 14-16 daysHow do you sex a cat?The anogenital distance is shorter in females than in malesWhat are the feline core Vx?Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FHR-1 or FVR) Calicivirus Feline Panleukopenia RabiesWhat are the canine core Vx?Rabies Canine Distemper Canine Hepatitis Parvovirus ParainfluenzaAttenuationsA dilution, thinning, or weakening of a substanceAnaphalaxisSevere allergic reactionCleft Palatethe failure of the palate to close during the early development of the fetusImmune CompetenceRefers to an individual's ability to protect oneself from infectious agents because due to their immune systemLocal ImmunityNatural or acquired immunity to infectious agent limited to particular organ/tissueHydrocephalusBuild up of fluid in brain cavitiesOnset of immunityAntibodies to a disease in animals systemDiluentSubstance to dilute somethingAdjuventChemicals that enhance immune response to Vx antigensLyophilizeTransforms medication from liquid to solidWhat are the two kinds of immunity and how to they differ?Active Immune system: Develops antibodies Passive Immune system: Antibodies from someone elseWhat canine virus can survive from months to years in the environment?ParvovirusWhere should each feline Vx be adminstered?Rabies - Right Hing (RH) FeLV - Left forelimb (LF) FVCRP - Right forelimb (RF)What disease (other than rabies) can be transmitted between dogs and cats?Kennel Cough (Bordatella vx)What feline disease is also known as "Feline Distemper"?PanleukopeniaWhat steps can be taken to minimize Vx reaction?Pre-med Adequate antibody titer levels Non-adjuvanted Vx Spreading out VxAdvantixImidacloprid - Fleas Permethrin - Repels and kills Mosquitos and ticks Pyriproxyfen - Fleas and ticksSentinel SpectrumMilbemycin Oxime - HW rounds hooks and whips Iufenuron - Fleas Praziquantel - TapesHeartgardIvermection - HW Pyrantel - Rounds and Hooks Comes in chewable formComfortisSpinosad - Fleas For cats and dogs Given orallyBravectoFluralaner - Ticks and fleasAdvantage multiImidacloprid - Fleas Moxidectin - HW Rounds Hooks and Whips Given TopicallyProheartMoxidectin - HW (6 months) Hooks (1 week)NexgardAfoxolaner - Fleas and TicksTrifexisSpinosad - Fleas Milbemycin Oxime - HW Rounds Hooks and WhipsWhat is colostrum and why is it important?"first secretions" Rich in proteins and immunoglobulins to transfer immunity to offspringWhat are the two categories of vaccines and how to they differ?Infectious - Pathogens that are altered to infect cells but not cause disease Non-Infectious - Whole or part of the killed pathogensCompare and contrast core and non core vxCore - Recommended for all animals. Stimulate Immunity against highly contagious diseases Non-core - Only recommended for animals @ riskWhat feline virus can survive in the environment up to one year?PanleukopeniaWhat are the common carries of Rabies in Texas?Skunks, Racoons, Bats, Foxes, and Coyotes.What canine disease is included in the core vx but is considered a noncore vx?ParainfluenzaAt what age are cats considered geriatric?15+ yearsWhat age are dogs considered geriatric?<25% left of predicted lifespanHow are geriatric animals different in preventative care?Geriatric animals will have more frequent visits (every 6 months)