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An internal dialectic occurs within the relationship, and an external dialectic occurs:
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Baxter argues that patterns of talk may position certain discourses as dominant and others as marginalized.TrueRelationships experience discursive struggle until they mature and become stable.FalseRelational dialectics theory meets the interpretive standard of providing a new understanding of people.TrueThe second version of relational dialectics theory downplays discourses and emphasizes contradictions.FalseBaxter abandoned the quest for a scientific understanding of interpersonal relationships when she used what research method?B. InterviewsSteve and Kayla are siblings. Steve went to State U, while Kayla went to Tech. Both schools are rivals. Each is passionate about their sports team. Which of the following reflects transforming of their discourses about sports?D. "We disagree on sports, but our ability to disagree shows how much we love each other."Buber's ethical approach aimed to provide people with clear moral codes of conduct.FalseOn the NBC TV series Friends, Monica and Chandler tried to hide their relationship from the other members of their group. This is a demonstration of the external dialectical tension labeled:B. Revelation-concealment.Bakhtin's life and philosophy was defined by his experience...B. living under the brutal oppression of Stalin's Soviet Union.Relational dialectics is associated with the phenomenological tradition of communication theory.TrueIf a person mentions an alternative discourse in order to replace it with a preferred discourse, the discursive struggle is best characterized as:B. CounteringRelational dialectics theory encourages critical sensibility that is suspicious of differences in power.TrueThe family's conversation about what to do during spring break has turned into a conflict, with people freely expressing their divergent desires. This is an example of separation.FalseWhich of the following is a good paraphrase of what Baxter means when she says discourses constitute relationships?B. Streams of talk create and recreate relationships.Baxter's constitutive approach means that:C. Communication creates both our relationships and our selves.Baxter wants more quantitative research to test the claims of relational dialectics theory.FalseRelational dialectics draws heavily on the thinking of:D. Mikhail Bakhtin.Bakhtin believed that a good novel can be a great example of dialogue.TrueWhich of the following is a weakness of relational dialectics theory?C. The theory relies mostly on self-report data.A word that closely describes relational dialectics is:D. Struggles.