CMST 4114 Chapter 10 Study Guide

Walther labeled online relationships that were more intimate than the relationships would be if partners were physically together as:
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When it comes to online channels and hostile groups, Walther recommends that they use:D. Only text-based communication.When Walther compared 10 minutes of face-to-face conversation with 40 minutes of online conversation, what did he find?A. No difference in affinity.What is the central research method Walther has used to test social information processing theory?B. Experiments.Audrey met Oliver through an online dating service. But when they meet face-to-face, Oliver is nothing like he said he was on his online dating profile. According to Hancock's research, Audrey will feel like:D. Oliver broke a promise to her.According to SIP, when given enough time, as goes face-to-face communication, so goes online communication.TrueWhen Will says, "I'm fine," his body posture and evasive eye contact suggest he's anything but. Mehrabian would refer to this as:C. An inconsistent message.Which of the following correctly lists the four elements of the hyperpersonal model?A. Sender, receiver, channel, feedback.Laszio has developed an interpersonal impression of Bhavin. What does this mean?C. Laszio knows how Bhavin responds to him as a unique individual.If a theory has ecological validity, then its predictions are accurate in both the experimenter's lab and in the real world.TrueFill in the missing link in the chain: Social information processing theory assumes that social information leads to _____________________ which leads to relationship development.B. interpersonal impression formationThe term proxemics refers to the nonverbal use of time.FalseThe tendency for a person's expectation of others to evoke a response from them that confirms what he or she anticipated is called:B. Self-fulfilling prophecy.SIP's chief claim is that people can build interpersonal relationships . . .A. despite the limitations imposed by mediated channels.Flaming is hostile language when communicating online. Why did cues filtered out theorists think this would happen frequently online?C. A lack of nonverbal cues would make it hard to form an impression of another person.We're more likely to trust low warrant information than high warrant information.FalseAccording to SIP, which of the following factors encourages online communicators to develop a close relationship?A. The anticipation of future interaction.Walther argues that, contrary to popular opinion, online communication actually is never impersonal or cold.FalseWhich of the following is most clearly an asynchronous communication channel?B. Postal mail.According to Walther, impressions are formed at a reduced rate in a computer mediated exchange, so the subsequent relationships will be weaker in terms of trust.FalseBree is a Facebook user. Which of the following social media features might contain high warrant information about her?D. A comment on her profile posted by a friend about her performance in a recent cello recital.