The Criminal Trial CH 10

The right to a speedy trial and the right to a trial by an impartial jury are part of which Amendment?
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Which jury pool challenges are based solely on a defense attorney or prosecutor's subjective reasoning and are limited in number?Peremptory challengesWhich Supreme Court cases have helped to make juries more racially equitable?Powers v. Ohio Batson v Kentucky Georgia v. McCollumDuncan v. Louisianathe Supreme Court solidified the defendant's right to a jury trial in all felony cases.Barker v. Wingothe Supreme Court did not quantify "speedy" (regarding trials) rulings. The Court rules that only in situations in which the delay is unwarranted and proved to be prejudicial can the accused claim a violation of their Sixth Amendment rights.Georgia v. McCollum, the Court placed defense attorneys under the same restrictions as prosecutors when making race-based peremptory challenges.Adamson v. Californiathe Court ruled that the prosecution cannot use tactics insinuating a defendant's guilt based on their refusal to testify in their own a kind of "road map" that describes the destination that each attorney hopes to reach and outlines how they will reach it.The opening statementWhat are the categories that evidence can be broken down intoTestimony Real evidenceThe Fifth Amendment guarantees against being tried a second time for the same crime a defendant was found not guilty of, which is known as protection fromdouble jeopardyA person who is called to testify on factual matters that would be understood by the average citizen is referred to as a(n)lay witnessThe rules of evidence state that expert witnesses may base their opinions on what types of information?Secondhand information given to the expert outside the courtroom Facts or data of which they have personal knowledge Material presented at trialExpert witnesses are considered somewhat problematic for what reasons?They may be chosen for their "court presence" rather than expertise. Attorneys pay expert witnesses for their services..refers to the unrealistic notions among jurors as to what high-tech forensic science can accomplish as part of a criminal investigation.The CSI effectEvidence may be excluded if it would tend to distract the jury from the main issues of the case, mislead the jury, or cause jurors to decide the issue on an emotional basis. What is this evidence known as?Prejudicial evidenceevidence tends to prove or disprove a fact in question.Relevantis a legal term that refers to the substantial facts that show a crime has been committed.Corpus delictiThe prosecutor will call witnesses to the stand and ask them questions pertaining to the case and to the sequence of events that the trial is addressing. What is this form of questioning known as?Direct examinationThe confrontation clause in which Amendment guarantees all defendants the right to confront witnesses testifying against them during the criminal trial?Sixth AmendmentWhich type of questioning allows the attorneys to test the truthfulness of opposing witnesses and usually entails efforts to create doubt in the jurors' minds that a witness is reliable?Cross-examinationAfter the defense closes its case, the prosecution is permitted to bring new evidence forward that was not used during its initial presentation to the jury. What is this known as?RebuttalAfter closing arguments and prior to jury deliberations, what does the judge give to the jury?A chargeEven after the appeals process is exhausted, a convict may have access to a procedure known as what?Habeas corpusThe judge normally gives the jurors instructions that they should seek no outside information during deliberation and should base their verdict only on the evidence the judge has deemed admissible. In order to accomplish this, the judge will sometimes order the jury besequesteredTo correct an error made during the initial trial or to review policy are two basic reasons for which process?Appeals process