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First Nations

Descendants of those first settlers from Asia.


An acceptance of many cultures instead of just one.


People who flee a country because of war, disaster, or persecution.

constitutional monarchy

A government that has a constitution to explain it's powers and owes allegiance to a monarch, a king or queen.


Has two bodies, the House of Commons and the Senate. Together they determine Canadian laws and policies.

prime minister

Person who runs the executive branch within the legislature.

Pierre Trudeau

A prime minister who led an effort to add a Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the Canadian Constitution in 1982.


People who want the province of Quebec to become an independent country.


Refers to any area of economic activity.


Goods traded to other countries.


Goods brought into the country.

transportation corridors

Paths that make transportation easier.

transportation barriers

Geographic features that prevent or slow down transportation.

national identity

Sense of belonging to a nation.


The ability to speak two languages.


French-speaking people.

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