Figurative Language, Figurative Language Practice

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Idioman expression that says one thing but means something elseFigurative Languageword playAllusion: exampleMy teacher got so mad she started turning green and hulking out.Personification: exampleThe delicious bread danced in my stomach.Idiom: exampleWhen singing at church, my mom always said "break a leg."Alliteration: examplePeter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.Hyperbole: exampleI've said that a million times.Metaphor: exampleMatthew is a tall, cool drink of water.Simile: exampleJose sleeps like a log.Onomatopoeia: exampleBang!, hiss, drip, whooshrhetorical questionAre you serious right now?OxymoronA figure of speech that combines opposite/ contradictory terms

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