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  1. Battle of Little Bighorn
  2. Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868
  3. Native American Church
  4. Sitting Bull
  5. Paha Sapa
  1. a American Indian medicine man, chief, and political leader of his tribe at the time of the Custer massacre (Little Bighorn) during the Sioux War
  2. b The Indian name given to the Black Hills of the Dakota territory.
  3. c A religious revitalization movement among Native Americans, also known as the Peyote religion
  4. d In 1876, Indian leaders Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse defeated Custer's troops who tried to force them back on to the reservation, Custer and all his men died
  5. e treaty under which the U.S. abandoned the Bozeman Trail and created a large Siuox reservation in what is half of South Dakota today.

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  1. 1890 Indian police officers tried to arrest Sitting Bull but when he resisted they shot and killed him, his followers were taken to Wounded Knee and while being disarmed someone fired a shot and the soldiers opened fire and killed over 200 Sioux
  2. (1988) - authorized casinos on reservations and provided for regulation through the national Indian gaming commission
  3. Led by Chief Joseph, they fled to Canada after the U.S. authorities tried to put them in a reservation. They eventually surrendered and where placed in a reservation in Kansas, where most of them died. After that they were allowed to live in a reservation in Idaho
  4. officially started the termination of tribes
  5. (1979) - the supreme court said the tribes had the right to operate bingo on tribal lands

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  1. National indian gaming commissionregulates all the indian casinos


  2. American Indian Religious Freedom acta 1978 law that directed federal agencies not to interfere with Native Americans religious practices.


  3. Ghost DanceRitual that celebrated a hoped for day of reckoning when settlers would disappear, buffalo would return, and Natives would reunite with ancestors (leaded to Wounded Knee)


  4. General Allotment ActDawes - Land granted to indian to hope assimilate them into society 1887-1934


  5. Johnson-O'malley ActDawes - Land granted to indian to hope assimilate them into society 1887-1934