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  1. occupation of wounded knee
  2. California v Cabazon
  3. Battle of Little Bighorn
  4. Indian Preference
  5. self-deterimination
  1. a would strengthen sense of autonomy without threatening sense of community and federal government promised to continue federal support until tribes no longer needed it.
  2. b (1987) - tribes could conduct gaming operations on their own lands as long as those games were not illegal under state law.
  3. c if they have an opening then natives get first pick in selection process of a job
  4. d 1971-forced federal governement to reexamine treaties with Native Americans (lasted 71 days)
  5. e In 1876, Indian leaders Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse defeated Custer's troops who tried to force them back on to the reservation, Custer and all his men died

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  1. - authorized secretary of interior to contract with states/ agencies to provide educational services, medical services, agricultural assistance, and social welfare
  2. treaty under which the U.S. abandoned the Bozeman Trail and created a large Siuox reservation in what is half of South Dakota today.
  3. cactus the yeilds a hallucinogenic drug substance used by Native American Indian groups to produce visions
  4. 1890 Indian police officers tried to arrest Sitting Bull but when he resisted they shot and killed him, his followers were taken to Wounded Knee and while being disarmed someone fired a shot and the soldiers opened fire and killed over 200 Sioux
  5. regulates all the indian casinos

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  1. Terminationthe act of ending something


  2. U.S. vs. Washingtontrading and fishing rights in the state of washington


  3. Indian gaming regulatory act(1988) - authorized casinos on reservations and provided for regulation through the national Indian gaming commission


  4. American Indian Religious Freedom actled by Dennis Banks and Russell Means; purpose was to obtain equal rights for Native Americans; protested at the site of the Wounded Knee massacre


  5. impact aidthe money that the give to school districts money to offset property tax