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  1. Johnson-O'malley Act
  2. National indian gaming commission
  3. fractionation
  4. Public Law 280
  5. Paha Sapa
  1. a A method where the US government may assume jurisdiction over Indian reservation land. The act mandated the transfer of legal jurisdiction over to the states.
  2. b The Indian name given to the Black Hills of the Dakota territory.
  3. c regulates all the indian casinos
  4. d separation into portions
  5. e - authorized secretary of interior to contract with states/ agencies to provide educational services, medical services, agricultural assistance, and social welfare

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  1. 1928 Boarding school/Indian policy review. Horrible conditions at institutions, ineffective policies, exploitation, suicide. Ends boarding school policy in 1930s. ID loss, mistrust of gov, lost lang and cult, family dysfunction.
  2. ...
  3. officially started the termination of tribes
  4. Led by Chief Joseph, they fled to Canada after the U.S. authorities tried to put them in a reservation. They eventually surrendered and where placed in a reservation in Kansas, where most of them died. After that they were allowed to live in a reservation in Idaho
  5. the act of ending something

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  1. Seminole Tribe vs Butterworth(1979) - the supreme court said the tribes had the right to operate bingo on tribal lands


  2. Bozeman Trailthe money that the give to school districts money to offset property tax


  3. Wounded Knee Massacre1890 Indian police officers tried to arrest Sitting Bull but when he resisted they shot and killed him, his followers were taken to Wounded Knee and while being disarmed someone fired a shot and the soldiers opened fire and killed over 200 Sioux


  4. California v Cabazonseparation into portions


  5. General Allotment Actif they have an opening then natives get first pick in selection process of a job