Cooper (Ch. 27): Functional Behavior Assessment

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brief functional analysis
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indirect functional assessmentstructured interviews, checklists, rating scales, or questionnaires used to obtain information from people who are familiar with the person exhibiting the problem behaviorinterview-informed synthesized contingency analysisa variation of functional analysis designed to increase efficiency. In the test condtion, multiple contingencies are implemented simultaneously (e.g. escape and attention)when the problem behavior is demonstrated. In the control condition, those same contingencies are presented noncontingently and continuouslylatency-based functional analysisAn analysis in which each session is terminated as soon as a problem behavior occurs. The index of problem behavior is the latency from onset of the establishing operation to the first occurrence of the problem behavior.scatterplot recordingA procedure for recording the extent to which a target behavior occurs more often at particular times than others; involves dividing the day into blocks of time, and using different symbols on an observation form to indicate the level of the target behavior (e.g., a lot, some, or not at all).trial-based functional analysisAn analysis in which a series of trials is interspersed among classroom activities. Each trial consists of two 1-minute components: (a) the establishing operation and contingency for problem behavior (test condition), and (b) continuous access to the reinforcer (control condition).