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Chapter 9

numeric records management

any classifcation system for agganging records that is based on numbers

consecutive numbering method

a method in which consecutively numbered records are arrenged in ascendinig number order-- from lowest to the highest number

accession log

a serial list of numbers assigned to records in a numeric storage system; also called an accession book or numeric file list

alphabetic index

a reference to a numeric file, organized alphabtically, that is used when the name or subject is known but not the assigned number

nonconsecutive numbering

a system of numbers that has blocks of numbers omitted

terminal digit storage

a numeric storage method in which the last two or three digits of each number are used as the primary division under which a record is filed and groups of numbers are read from right to left

middle digit storage

a numeric storage method in which the middle digits are used as the primary division for organizing the filing system

chronologic storage

a method by which records are filed in a date sequence, either in reverse sequence (with the most recent date on top) or forward sequence

block numeric coding

a coding sysem based on the assignment of number ranges to subjects

duplex numeric coding

a coding system using numbers (or sometimes letters) with two or more parts separated by a dash, space, or comma

decimal numeric coding

a numeric method of classifying records by subject in units of ten and coded for arrangement in numeric order

alphanumeric coding

a coding system that combines letters and numbers, in combination with punctuation marks, to develop codes for classifing and retrieving information

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