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Monophonic Texture

one unaccompanied melodic line

polyphonic texture

combination of two or more simultaneous melodic lines


polyphonic composition with 2-6 melodic lines or voices


independent composition or the introduction to another set of pieces (brief keyboard piece)


a popular renaissance keyboard form exploiting the performer's technical brilliance

Solo Concerto

a multimovement composition for orchestra and one or more solo instruments


formal design for first movement of a composition. 3 subcategories:
1. Exposition: two tonal areas with a bridge modulating one tonal key to another.
2. Development: moves through several keys.
3. Recapitulation: Closing section which may end the tonic, or the composer may add an optional closing passage (coda)


"ABACA". Used in last movement of a piece (fast and merry tempo)


18th century movement led by French intellectuals who advocated reason as universal source of knowledge and truth

chamber music

small instrumental ensemble

first practice/second practice

old style music (church music)/new style (polyphonic)


rhythm is free and flexible; not monotone


follows formal design

Martin Luther

led protestant reformation

John Calvin

did not believe music should be sung in latin, just vernacular

art song

setting a poem to music

word painting

musical illustration of verbal concepts


religious song; polyphonic sung in latin


secular, for entertainment; introduced in Italy

minuet and trio

ABA form. Simplest movement of a symphony/string quartet


solo improvised section of music; not written out

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