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This is the name of the device utilized to protect the x-ray machine from overload.
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The stator is located in this location in regards to the glass envelopeoutsideThe number of electrons boiled off the filament corresponds to this setting.mAThe two main interactions that take place at the x-ray tube.Brems and characteristicLeaking radiation from the tube housing is limited to this amount1 mGy/hour @ 1 meterThe wavelength of diagnostic x-ray exiting the tube..1 - .5 angstromsWrite the equation for Ohm's LawV=IRWhich letter on this image represents x-radiation?Athis type of generator is represented by the sine wave pictured below.3 phaseThis type of circuit is pictured below.parallelA exposure of 100 kvp 500mA and 1 second is ? Safe/unsafeunsafeelectrical potential is measured in ________.voltscurrent flow is measured in ____________.amps_____________ interactions occur at the K shell to create diagnostically useful x-rays.characteristicThis is the amount of opposition to the current in the circuit .resistanceStates voltage is directly proportional to the ratio of the number of turns in the primary coil.transformer lawMinimum SSD on mobile x-ray units.12 infixed tube targets SOD.15 inPersonal Lead apron thickness..5 mm Pb/eqTable top exposure limits on fluoro machines.100 mGy/minThe acronym ESE stands for ______________.Entrance Skin ExposureDesigned to convert remnant radiation from the patient to an amplified light imageImage Intensifier tubethe emission of lightphotoemissionArea in the tube where the image is reversedfocal pointActive component of the input screenSodium-activated cesium iodideAbsorbs light and emits electronsPhotocathodeminification gain x flux gain =brightness gainThe measurement of the increase in light photons due to the conversion efficiency of the output screenflux gaincauses a decrease in image qualityflux gainthe ratio of the output phosphor to the input exposure ratetotal brightness gainresults from the same number of electrons at the input screen being compressed into the output screenminification gainBlotchy or grainy appearance caused by insufficient radiation or because of video noisequantum mottleTwo main systems used for displaying images - CR systemsCCD & CMOSPart of the video camera system- similar to ABC and ABS but does not change exposure factorsAGC- automatic gain controlIn digital fluoro- this is what contacts the image intensifier output anode screen-for electronic readoutTFTIn digital fluoro- this function is the same as mag mode.ZoomProvides scatter correction w/out the physical use of a grid.Virtual grid softwarewarped edge appearance at the edge of the imagepincusionthis can decrease 10% each year because of the aging processbrightness gainthe mA used on fluoroscopic exams.5 - 5 mAConsequence of light scatter from the output screen windowveiling glareDevice used to measure body partscalipersSystem used to lengthen exposure latitudefixed kvp systemsProduces higher contrast imagesvariable kvp systemsThe kvp change for every 1 cm of part thickness.2 kvpcomputerized exposure systemanatomically programmed radiography systemFactors under the direct control of the tech.Kvp and MABackup time should be set at ________________.150% of expected exposureThe most critical part of the AEC system.ion chambersDevice that stores the electrical chargecapacitorDevice that pulls the switch to terminate exposureelectromagnetTypical cell configuration3 cells- two higher outer- one in middle lowerSet exposure rate for ion chamber shut off.1 mRExposure adjustments can be made with this:density controlsThe length of time necessary for the AEC to respond to an exposure.Minimum exposure timeMost machines have a minimum exposure time of ________..001 secIon chambers are located _______________.behind the patient and in front of the bucky/IR - within the tabletopThe cell that has the most influence on exposure.The one with the most signalType of exposure system ( chart) used with AEC`APR- Anatomically programmed radiographyMax. mAs exposure ( backup time) for a machine capable of being set at over 50kVp.600 mAsThis flows from the detector to the capacitor and accumulateselectrical chargebarium over ion chamberoverhip replacement in the ion chamberovertight collimation ( within the cell)overMinimum exposure time is to longoversmall children or small parts- detector not coveredundertest exposure timespinning top-1 phase synchronous motor- high and 3 phaseBeam alignment test toolpenny testChecks filtration amountHVLTest Determines the same exposure amount for given mAs- regardless of of combination of mA and time settingLinearityTests Frequency of Physicist visitsyearlydevices used for Line pair resolution tools/star patterns/pinhole camerasfocal spot sizeDevices used for HVLchecks filtration amountDevices used for AAPM TG 18 or SMPTEdisplay monitorsDevices used for Misalignment test toolgridsDevices used for Reproducibility and Linearitystep-wedge or penetrometerlimits for collimator/central ray/ bucky+ or - 2%limits for distance and centering+or - 2 %limits for Angle or protractor accuracy+ or -5 degrees or 1%limits for linerarity10%limits for reproducibility5%Ensures high quality images and servicesQAPart of QM that monitors the technical equipment standardsQCElectronic device to measure ODdensitometerlocating problems with equipment malfunctionstroubleshooting____________ measures SNR and ability to visualize small or low-contrast parts.DQEHIPAA stands for ___________Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ActRepeat rate ACR standards5%Check this for jailed images, interfacing and mismatched dataPACS SystemsEvaluates PSF, LSF, MTF and gray scale bit depthSMPTE test pattern or AAPM TG 18Luminance is measured in ______________candela