Organizational Behavior Unit 7

Most top executives tend to be Type B personalities.
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Which of these refers to the concept that much of what happens in one's life is either under or outside of their own control? Personal control Hardiness Eustress Tolerance for ambiguity Locus of controlLocus of controlInterestingly, psychological and physiological reactions to the job are not affected by either role overload or role underutilization. True FalseFalse_____ people display a marked degree of social naïveté. Type I Type II Type III Type IV Type VType VA way of spreading stress among employees and providing a respite from particularly stressful jobs is basically job ______. commitment design involvement rotation enrichmentrotationThe extent to which an employee actually has control over factors affecting effective job performance is _______. qualitative control personal control situational control task control organizational controlpersonal controlMarc Adler is the owner of Macquarium, a multimillion-dollar communications company that does everything from video productions to creating Web sites to public relations campaigns. Macquarium has done this sort of work for BellSouth and SnapOn Tools. Even though these companies could have prepared their videos and created their Web sites in-house, these tasks were: outsourced supplied outside normal channels autonomous productions seen as conflicting with the mission statements of the companies supplied as part of a relational marketing strategyoutsourced_____ are entrepreneurs who apply their creativity, vision, and risk taking within a large corporation rather than starting a company of their own. They enjoy a high degree of autonomy while receiving a regular salary and financial backing from their employer. Multipreneurs Insourced entrepreneurs Intrapreneurs Corporate entrepreneurs Classic entrepreneursIntrapreneursMark Ghermizian had quit his job and was looking to start a small business so he could be his own boss. When he read that people spend up to fifteen minutes every day staring at a bathroom stall door, he decided he would find advertisers who wanted to pay to have their advertising messages on bathroom stall doors. Since he has his idea, Ghermizian's next step is to: determine if he has the right personality to run a business choose a form of business organization create a name for his business get financing for his new business create prototype adschoose a form of business organizationThe Small Business Administration (SBA) assists small businesses by providing advice in management and financial matters. True FalseTrueLachlan Stuart is employed by International Paper, a company that values his vision and creativity. To stay ahead in a very competitive industry, International Paper gives Stuart, and his division has almost complete autonomy to develop innovative and effective communications. Stuart is an example of a(n): multipreneur insourced entrepreneur intrapreneur corporate entrepreneur classic entrepreneurintrapreneur - Intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs who apply their creativity, vision, and risk taking within a large corporation rather than starting a company of their own.When Allison Logue found out her children were allergic to corn, she started looking for sweets and starches that were corn-free and was dismayed to find very few such products on the market. As a result, she has started her own small business to produce and market corn-free desserts. It is a small market, and Logue plans to keep her business small. Logue is an example of a(n): interpreneur multipreneur intrapreneur growth entrepreneur micropreneurmicropreneur - Micropreneurs are classic entrepreneurs that start small and plan to stay small.International trade specialists that buy goods at a discount from small businesses and resell them abroad are called: business trade unions export management companies domestic channel members commission house brokers export trading companiesexport trading companiesAll of the following are examples of disadvantages associated with the ownership of a small business EXCEPT: burdensome government regulations fund-raising difficulty being your own boss extreme personal commitment limited management skillbeing your own bossOne way to ease the burden of managing a business is to hire an outside consultant. Which of the following is an example of an outside consultant that might be useful to a small interior design company? a company to mail its brochures to building contractors within a 200 mile area an advertising company to design its ad in the local newspaper a certified public accountant to manage its money an attorney who is well-versed in small business law all of the aboveall of the aboveAn entrepreneur is a person who _____ a business. finances manages locates owns and operates works forowns and operatesThe difference between the small business owner and the entrepreneur is that the entrepreneur: manages the business files taxes for the business assumes the risk of the business is responsible for the profits of the business is accurately described by all of the aboveassumes the risk of the businessAngel investors: are most interested in investing in businesses that are well-established are another name for bank loan officers who are responsible for funding start-up businesses provide equity financing to a business by loaning the business money at a low interest rate provide funding for start-up businesses provide debt financing to a business by buying stock within the companyprovide funding for start-up businessesWhich of the following is a trend that is changing the face of entrepreneurship and small business ownership? stagnant demographics entrepreneurial diversity decreased use of overseas bundling an increase in the number of corporate mergers and acquisitions all of the aboveentrepreneurial diversityThe Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a broad range of aids to small businesses. They include: guarantees on loans made by private lenders entrepreneurial ideas employee recruiting, hiring, and firing the elimination of sales and employee taxation for the first three years of operation all of the aboveguarantees on loans made by private lendersNavim Jain sold stock to investors in order to finance Sparkart, LLC, a company that markets software to track how many times music is played and shared among peers. Jain used _____ financing. debt liquid equity venture entrepreneurialequity - Equity financing is a form of financing consisting of funds raised through the sale of stock in a business.