Reminding people of what they already know best describes which of the 4E frameworks?
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While waiting in line at Target, Mansur sees signs reminding him to visit the company's website for online specials and to sign up for the Target Circle Rewards app. Other signs remind him that Target will match competitors' prices on any item they sell. These store signs represent which 4E framework?
A camera company offers its customers an interactive website to help them choose the best camera for their lifestyle. But the site's most-used feature is its user blog in which customers—both satisfied and unsatisfied—talk about products they have purchased, and the service received at the company. The user blog best represents which of the 4E frameworks for the store's customers?
Southwest Airlines began a blog called Nuts About Southwest. A group of employees shared the responsibility for posting items of potential interest to customers—for example, short videos about Southwest's travel destinations, articles (with photos) about special events, and news about airline promotions. Nuts About Southwest is an example of a _______ blog.
At the Sol Wave House hotel, located on the beautiful island of Majorca, Spain, a Twitter concierge stays in constant contact with guests. If a guest has a problem or question, the answer is just a hashtag away. Based on the Wheel of Social Media Engagement, this effective manner of back-and-forth communication demonstrates thedynamic effect.Nancy posted a product review on a retail website in which she shared her views on the fit, fabric, and price of the jumpsuit she bought. Which effect of social media engagement does her review represent?information effectApps like calendars, trip planners, and flight trackers help consumers fulfill which primary motivation?to prepareWhich of these is a pricing model for apps discussed in the text?Ad-supportedFacebook allows advertisers to set a daily budget: Once their costs (usually per click) reach a certain level, the ad disappears for the rest of the day. Why would this be a risk for an advertiser?could limit exposure of successful adsWhat is unique about the copy and images used in developing a social media campaign relative to other forms of IMC?They need to be updated almost constantly.Carl has developed a medication vial for travelers. He has a website that has resulted in some orders, but he is not sure how people are finding the site. What technique can Carl use to learn how people search for products like his?keyword analysisSuppose that Burger King wanted to evaluate social media content to find out how well its most recent advertising campaign was being received by consumers. This could be done usingsentiment analysis.What type of information do companies analyze when conducting sentiment analysis?customer commentsWilliam was frustrated that he wasn't getting more followers on his Instagram account. He hired a booster service that uses bots to set up false accounts, and his account gained thousands of "followers," resulting in a contract with a company to promote its products. What ethical concern does this represent?He manufactured fraudulent influence.