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Mus musculus


Oryctolagus cunniculus

What genus and species of rabbit is known as the domestic rabbit?

Mesocricetus auratus

Syrian hamster; barbiturates have very narrow window of safety in this species; among the most radioresistant mammals ever studied; does not fatten prior to hibernation - remain sensitive to external stimuli and usually are aroused when handled; resistant to pulmonary infection and able to decompose nicotine = good for study on effects of long-term smoke inhalation

Rattus norvegicus

common domestic rat

Meriones unguiculatus

Latin name of the gerbil

Cavia porcellus

guinea pig latin name

Chinchilla brevicaudata

Latin name for the short tail chinchilla

Chinchilla laniger

latin name for the most common of chinchillas

Mustela pulorius furo

latin name for the ferret

Petaurus breviceps

latin name of sugar gliders

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