Splendid speaking - Week 15: Towns and Cities

boarded up shops
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multi-story car parkscar parks on several floorsoffice blocka large building that contains officesout of town shopping centre/retail parklarge shopping centres outside of the town or citypavement cafecafes with tables outside on the pavementplaces of interestbuildings that have a particular interest for visitorspoor housinghousing that is not in good conditionpublic spacesareas in a town or city that are open to the publicpublic transport systempublic vehicles such as buses and trains that operate at regular times on fixed routesresidential areaan area where people liverun downold and of a poor standardshopping centrean area consisting of multiple shopsshopping mallslarge indoor shopping centressprawling citya city that has grown over time and which covers a wide areatourist attractiona place of interest to touriststraffic congestionheavy traffic making it difficult to move around a town or cityupmarket shopsexpensive fashionable shops