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Growth of Royal Power

1066 AD
When did the High Middle Ages begin?
King William I
Who wins the battle of Hastings?
King William I was the king of _______
Normandy, France
Where is King William I from?
expand royal power
King William' goal was to ______ _____ _____
Royal domain
the land the king controls (England)
True or false: Lords don't have power in the royal domain
Salisbury Oath
a verbal oath of allegiance to William
English Lords
The _______ _____ are swearing the oath
The English Lords swore the oath to keep them from _________
if the oath wasn't sworn, _____ was the consequence
the oath was verbal because most people were __________
Domesday Book
a census to better know population and tax
People, castles, land, crops, livestock, income
The Domesday book kept track of the number of ______ and _______. It also kept track of the amount and size of the ____. It estimated how many _____ and _________ one had and the ______ they made.
When England is broken up, it is split up into counties called ______
each shire had a _______
King William
The sheriffs were appointed by ____ _______
True or false: The sheriffs worked for the king but weren't a part of the government
consists of trained government officials
1154 AD
King Henry II began his reign in what year?
King Henry II reign happened ___ years after William
expand royal power
King Henry's goal was also to ______ _____ _____
true or false: King Henry creates the first law system in England
common law
laws that the English people had to follow
there were _ exceptions to common law
church and king
The two exceptions were for the ______ ___ ____
True or false: the king makes the laws, but doesn't follow them
cannon law
the Catholic Church's own set of laws
King Henry II and Archbishop of Cantebury (Thomas Becket)
The fight between common law and cannon law was fought between ____ _____ __ and __________ __ _________ (______ ______)
True or False: Becket is killed by Henry's people by accident
royal charters
allows the city to be independent and to have their own governments; also allows the cities to exist
traveling justices
judges who travel around and decide who has broken the law
How many men were chosen to be apart of the jury?
King John I
Richard the Lionheart's brother and King Henry II son
Magna Carta
King John I signs this major document
royal power
The Magna Carta limits _____ _____
the Magna carta was written in what year?
the lords
who wrote the Magna carta?
laws and rights
the magna carta was a list of ____ and ______
True or false: the lords wrote the magna carta because they wanted more power
make the kings have less power
The goal of the magna carta was to ____ ___ _____ __ ____ ____ _____
The lords didn't force king john to sign the magna carta
why was the magna carta written?*
True or false: After the magna carta was signed, the kings had to follow common law
limited monarchy
king only has limited powers
King Edward I
this king limits power
King Edward I creates
what year does king edward create parliament?
governing body that deals with taxes and laws
citizens more say in the government
parliament was created to give citizens ____ ___ __ ___ __________
House of Lords and House of Commons
The two houses in parliament were the house of the _____ and the _____ __ _______
1300- 1500
The Late Middle Ages lasted from ____ to ____
What year does the black death start in?
ships for trade
_____ ___ _____ from asia is how the plague arrives in europe
fleas and rats
on the ship, _____ and ____ carry the plague
1/3, 20 million
The plague wipes out __ of the population, or __ ______ people
physical contact and respiration
When the plague reached Europe, people spread it through ________ ______ and ___________
The ______ was relied on to stop the plague through prayer services but was unsuccessful
Decline of Population
The first consequence of the black death was the
decline of trade
the second consequenceof the black death was the
increased price of goods
the third consequence of the black death was the (because it was less available)
want for higher wages in the city
the fourth consequence of the black death was the ________________________________________ because that's where the jobs were available
anger with the church
the fifth consequence of the black death was the
the sixth consequence of the black death was
anti- semitism
blaming the Jews for the Plague
england and france
the hundred years war was fought between
king of france
it is fought over who will be the next
the hundred years war was fought in the
the end of the war is in the year
there were approximately __ years of fighting
___ wins the battle of Agincourt
aid in the victory of the English
the ______ win the battle of orleans
joan of arc
the french army is led by
the french
who wins the hundred years war?
french pride increases
the first result of the hundred years war was that
english internal problems (civil wars)
the second result of the hundred years war was
nationalism rises throughout Europe
the third result of the hundred years war was
excessive pride in one's country