Chemistry Exam II:

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What is the Van't Hoff factor of NaCl?2If the the equilibrium constant, Kc, is large, ______ are favoredproductsIf the the equilibrium constant, Kc, is small, _____ are favoredreactantsDynamic equilibrium is when both ________ are occurring but the concentration of all components stay the sameforward and reverse reactionsChemical equilibrium is when both the forward and reverse reactions are _____equalWhich step is the controlling step?The slow stepWhat are the five factors that affect reaction rates? 1. ph.... 2. pa.... 3. c... 4. t... 5. pr...physical state particle size concentration temperature presence of a catalystGasses react faster than ______, ______ react faster than solidsliquids; liquidsReactants start high and goes low (________), products start low and goes high (________)disappearance; appearanceIf a plot of [A] vs. time is linear (negative slope), the reaction orderIf a plot of ln[A] vs. time is linear (negative slope), the reaction is....first orderIf a plot of 1/[A] vs. time is linear (positive slope), the reaction is....second orderRate and constants are affected bytemperature and the presence of a catalystHigher the temperature = _____ the rate of the reactionhigherThe more bonds = the _____ activation energyhigherActivation energy: molecules have to come together at both a _____certain energy and orientationA decomposition reaction (where one thing combines) isunicellularA reaction where two things combines isbimolecularA reaction where three things combines istermolecular_______ are product first and then a reactantIntermediates______ are reactant first and then a productCatalystsKc is used forconcentrations/molarityKp is used forpartial pressures