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Origin and Insertion of Muscles of the Abdomen and Back and Shoulder from D Despains Human Anatomy Course at Safford High School

Pubic Crest

Cartilage of 5th-7th ribs and Xiphoid Process

Lower 8 Ribs

Illiac Crest & linea alba (midline aponeurosis)

Illiac Crest & Inguinal ligament

Cartilage of last 4 ribs & linea alba

Xiphoid Process last 6 ribs & lumbar vertebrae

Central Tendon

Cervical & Thoracic Vertebrae

Lumbar Vertebrae

C-7 through T-5 vertebrae

Laterally to medial border of scapula

Inferior Angle of Scapula

Bicipital Groove (head region of humerus)

Supraspinous Fossa

Greater Tubercle

Subscapular Fossa

Lesser Tubercle

Axillary border & Teres Major

Greater Tubercle

Infraspinous Fossa

Greater Tubercle

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