CSA Exams Questions 2

What is generated from the Service Catalog once a user places an order for an item or service?
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For Administrators creating new Service Catalog items, what is a characteristic they should know about Service Catalog variables?Service Catalog variables are global by defaultWhich one of the following statements is true about Column Context Menus?It displays actions such as creating quick reports, configuring the list, and exporting dataWhich ServiceNow products can be used to discover and populate the CMDB? (Choose two.)1. Discovery 2. IntegrationHub ETLWhen using the Load Data and Transform Map process, what is the Mapping Assist used for?Mapping fields using a Field MapWhich one of the following statements describes the contents of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)?The CMDB contains data about tangible and intangible business assetsIn what order should filter elements be specified?Field, Operator, then ValueWhich statement is true about business rules?A business rule can be a piece of JavascriptWhich of the following are a type of client scripts supported in ServiceNow? (Choose four.)1. onSubmit 2. onCellEdit 3. onLoad 4. onChangeWhich type of tables may be extended by other tables, but do not extend another table?Base TablesWhich of the following statement describes the purpose of an Order Guide?Order Guide provide the ability to order multiple, related items as one request