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Multiple Choice : Mr. Hartman

What civilization ruled an area that included the Andes Mountains?

The Incan Civilization

What was the primary purpose of the Incan road system?

To carry news from a distant province to the capital; it allowed armies and news to move rapidly throughout the empire

What were the Incan Chosen Women trained to do?

They were framed to study the mysteries of the religion, learned to prepare ritual food and drink and made elaborate wool garments worn by the Sapa Inca and the Coya

An example of the influence of Middle American civilizations on North American Cultures.

Spread of farming from middle American to north where they grey corn and other food crops

What was the present-day location of the land bridge used by the first people who migrated to North America?

Bering Strait between Siberia and Alaska

In Mayan government, each city has its own ruling chief. (True or False)


Why did the Mayas develop an accurate solar calender?

Mayan priests needed to measure time accurately in order to hold ceremonies on time

What did the Incas do with the people they conquered?

They made them into local cliff hangers that the nobles ruled the province with

Who made the elaborate clothes worn by the Sapa Inca?

The "Chosen Women" who were selected from each region of the empire

Native American in North American developed different cultures that were influenced by what in particular?

The impact of the environment of climate

What can archeologists tell about Olmec civilization from their remains?

Probably had a powerful class of priests and aristocrats

Name three farming methods used by the Mayas?

1. Cleared forests
2. Built raised fields that caught and held rain water
3. Built channels that caused to open to drain excess water

Name three Mayan advances in learning?

Numbering System
365 day Solar Calender
Hieroglyphic form of writing

Who governed the Aztec Empire?

Hernan Cortes

Why did the Aztecs make human sacrifices to their Sun God?

To give the sun strength to rise everyday

What ideas did the Incas adopt from the Mochicas?

Built roads and organized networks of relay runners to carry messages, and farming

How did the Incas unite their empire?

by posing their language and religion on their empire

When it came to marriages, how did the Incas regulate society?

Government officials arranged marriages

What advantage did the Anasazi gain by moving from pueblos to cliff dwellings

protection from raiders

How do we know that traders had a large area of influence in the Hopewell culture?

shells and copper from far away places

Who sat on the council of the Iroquois League?

The eastern woodlands, stretching from the Atlantic Coast to the Great Lakes.

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