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  1. Event Sampling
  2. Validity
  3. Criterion validity
  4. Time sampling (food example)
  5. Observer bias
  1. a when researchers biases determine which behaviors they choose to observe and when observers expectations about behavior lead to systematic errors in identifying and recording behavior.
  2. b Refers to the truthfulness of the measure. Is it measuring what it is intended to measure?
  3. c Used when researchers are interested in events that happen infrequently. Could be natural disaster, holiday plays in school ect.
  4. d observing people eat for a 10 minute period
  5. e We want to see that our data is related to actual experience and actual validity

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  1. the process of summerizing data
  2. a quantitative index of the degree that things vary together or correlate
  3. super long term cross sectional design that used used to trace differences in the population over time when given the same survey
  4. when the procedures used to sample a population lead to overrepresentation or underrepresentation of some segments of the population
  5. systematic difference in people willing to respond to a survey

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  1. Cross Sectional DesignA research design in which investigators compare groups of subjects of differing age who are observed at a single point in time.


  2. Content analysisThe extent to which there is evidence that a test measures a particular hypothetical construct.


  3. negatively skewedsame as skewed to the left (it looks right)


  4. Face ValidityRefers to the truthfulness of the measure. Is it measuring what it is intended to measure?


  5. Narrative recordsaudio or video records of behavior