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  1. Effect size
  2. interval
  3. demand characteristics
  4. indirect observation
  5. probability sampling
  1. a specify the difference between stimuli on a given dimension.
  2. b measured by "d"are important because they help determine if an effect is meaningful, they make it possible to compare data across studies, they are necessary in power studies to detect a particular effect
  3. c researchers examine evidence of past behavior using physical traces or archival records
  4. d the cues in a situation that participants are looking for to try and figure out what the study is about.
  5. e all people in the population have an equal chace through random selection

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  1. the process of summerizing data
  2. Specify the difference between stimuli on a given dimension and express ratios of scale values. A celcius scale becuse 0 degrees celcius does not mean no temperature or weight.
  3. Refers to the truthfulness of the measure. Is it measuring what it is intended to measure?
  4. 1) They have to correlate
    2) Temporal Precidence has to be established
    3) You have to eliminate all alternate explanations
  5. when researchers biases determine which behaviors they choose to observe and when observers expectations about behavior lead to systematic errors in identifying and recording behavior.

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  1. Event Sampling (food example)Asking participants to keep food diaries for when they eat


  2. response biaswhen the procedures used to sample a population lead to overrepresentation or underrepresentation of some segments of the population


  3. Correlational Researchaudio or video records of behavior


  4. discriminant validityWe want to see that our data is related to actual experience and actual validity


  5. Quantitative scales of behaviroras the value of one measure increases the value of another decreases


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