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  1. correlation coefficent
  2. Interviewer Bias
  3. Narrative records
  4. Structured observation
  5. Field Experiment
  1. a When a researcher manipulates one or more independent variables in a natural setting in order to determine the effect on behavior.
  2. b occurs when the interviewer records only selected positions of a participants response or asks questions to fit them
  3. c audio or video records of behavior
  4. d a quantitative index of the degree that things vary together or correlate
  5. e Often an observer intervenes to exert control or setup a situation

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  1. when the procedures used to sample a population lead to overrepresentation or underrepresentation of some segments of the population
  2. A relationship that can be described by a third variable
  3. Refers to the consistency of the measure and is frequently assesed using the test-retest method
  4. the population is divided into subpopulations called strata and random samples are drawn from these
  5. the interrelatedness of items in a psychological test for measuring the same ability or trait

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  1. Behaviorthe set of all cases of interest. i.e if you are looking for student behavior at smu the population is all the smu students


  2. discriminant validitythe extent to which observations may be generalized (depends on how behavior is sampled)


  3. positvley skewedsame as skewed to the left (it looks right)


  4. direct observationexamining behavior while it occurs (2 kinds with intervention and without intervention)


  5. Observer biaswhen researchers biases determine which behaviors they choose to observe and when observers expectations about behavior lead to systematic errors in identifying and recording behavior.