SOC101--Chp 9 (Structure of Society)

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social structureframework of society- social institutions, organizations, groups, statuses and roles, cultural beliefs, and institutionalized norms- that adds order and predictability to our private livesTragedy of the Commons (Hardin)situation in which people acting individually and in their own interest use up commonly available but limited resources, creating disaster for the entire communityupper echelona top-level team in an organizationmiddle echelon (aka middle ground)different from upper echelon because people hope that they can somehow make it to the upper echelon if they work hard enough; tend to be very devoted to jobs, job is part of their identity, works a lot; also become more controlling and demanding over people below themlower echelonswho are among the majorityorganizationA group of people who work together to achieve some specific purposeinstitutiona long-lasting pattern of organization in a communityGlobalizationgrowth to a global or worldwide scalesocial institutionssystems and structures within society that shape the activities of groups and individuals