Prisoners and Jails CH 13

Which criminal code forbade the use of torture and mutilation as forms of punishment?
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Correctional facilities are assigned certain security levels. What are the security levels?Medium Maximum Minimum SupermaximumWhat are the reasons it is claimed that private prisons can be run more cheaply and efficiently than public prisons?Labor costs Competitive bidding Less red tapepretrial detaineesare individuals who have been arrested and are unable to post bond.Time servedis the period of time a person denied bail (or unable to pay it) has spent in jail prior to their trial.Fee systemWhat principle do many jails operate on to cover the daily costs?The podular design enables a new-generation jail to be managed using aDirect Supervison ApproachIncreasing options for pretrial release and speeding up trials so that detainees do not need to spend as much time waiting in jail for court proceedings to begin are two possible solutions to do what?Alleviate jail overcrowdingis a type of jail that is distinguished architecturally from its predecessors by a design that encourages interaction between inmates and jailers and that offers greater opportunities for treatment.A new-generation jailThe vast majority of jails are managed on what government level?Country LevelWhat is usually the first contact that citizens have with the corrections system?JailWhat type of correctional facilities are operated by private corporations instead of the government and are therefore reliant on profits for survival?Private prisonsDecreasing the probability that nonviolent offenders will be sentenced to prison, increasing the rate of release of nonviolent offenders from prison, and decreasing the rate of imprisonment for probation and parole violators are three methods of what?DecarcerationIn supermax prisons operate in a state of perpetual what, which confines inmates to their cells with no social activities or treatment programs?LockdownWhen an offender is charged, convicted, and sentenced to prison, it is known as what kind of admission?Front -endWhich prison design has inmates separated from one another in their cells on the spokes of a wheel, and prison officials can control the activities of the inmates from the control center in the hub of the wheel?Radial designWhich condition is brought on by long periods of isolation in cells?Supermax syndromeWhat kind of management structure do most prisons in the United States operate under?AuthoritarianWho is responsible for the operation of a prison?WardenWhich style of correctional facility has been used in juvenile and women's facilities?Campus-styleThe adoption of the "Great Law" in Pennsylvania in 1682 forbade the use of torture and mutilation as forms of punishment. What happened to felons?They had to pay restitution to their victims.At the time of the American Revolution, which group was instrumental in pushing incarceration from punishment to rehabilitation?Quakers