CMS term 2 midterm 2nd part

A nurse educator is presenting a module on basic first aid for
newly licensed home health nurses. The nurse educator evaluates
the teaching as efective when the newly licensed nurse states the
client who has heat stroke will have which of the following?
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A nurse educator is discussing the facility protocol in the event of a tornado with the staff. Which of the following should the nurse include in the instructions? (Select all that apply)-Place blankets over clients who are confined to bed -Move beds away from the windows -Draw shades and close drapeAn occupational health nurse is caring for an employee who was exposed to an unknown dry chemical, resulting in a chemical burn. Which of the following interventions should the nurse include in the plan of care?Brush the chemical of the skin and clothingA security officer is reviewing actions to take in the event of a bomb threat by phone to a group of nurses. Which of the following statements by a nurse indicates understanding of proper procedure?I will listen for background noisesA nurse on a medical surgical unit is informed that a mass casualty event occurred in the community and that it is necessary to discharge stable clients to make beds available for injury victims. Which of the following clients should the nurse recommend for discharge? (Select all that apply)-A client who is scheduled for elective surgery -A client who has chronic hypertension and blood pressure 135/85 mm hemoglobinA nurse is caring for a 20-year-old client who is sexually active and has come to the college health clinic for a first time check up. Which of the following interventions should the nurse perform first to determine the clients need for health promotion and disease prevention?Determine risk factorsA nurse in the clinic is planning health promotion and disease prevention strategies for a client who has multiple risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Which of the following interventions should the nurse include? (Select all that apply)-Help the client see the benefits of her actions -Identify the clients support systems -Suggest and recommend community resources -Teach stress management strategiesA nurse in a health clinic is caring for a 21-year-old client who reports a sore throat. The client tells the nurse that he has not seen a doctor since high school. Which of the following health screenings should the nurse expect the provider to perform for this client?Testicular examinationA nurse is talking with a client who recently attended a cholesterol screening event and a heart-healthy nutrition presentation at a neighborhood center. The clients total cholesterol was 248 mg/mL. After seeing the provider, the client started taking medication to lower his cholesterol level. The client was later hospitalized for severe chest pain, and subsequently enrolled in a cardiac rehabilitation program. Which of the following activities for the client is an example of primary prevention?Nutrition presentationA nurse at a providers office is talking about routine screenings with a 45-year-old female client who has no specific family history of cancer or diabetes mellitus. Which of the following client statements indicates that the client understands how to proceed?For now I should continue to have a mammogram each yearA nurse is observing a client drawing up and mixing insulin. Which of the following findings should the nurse identify as an indication that psychomotor learning has taken place?The client is able to demonstrate the appropriate techniqueA nurse in a providers office is collecting data from the mother of a 12 month old infant. The client states that her son is old enough for toilet training. Following an educational session with the nurse, the client now states that she will postpone toilet training until her son is older. Learning has occurred in which of the following domains?AffectiveA nurse is providing preoperative education for a client who will undergo a mastectomy the next day. Which of the following statements should the nurse identify as an indication that the client is ready to learn?Can you tell me about how long the surgery will takeA nurse is preparing an instructional session for an older adult about managing stress incontinence. Which of the following actions should the nurse take when first meeting with the client?Determine what the client knows about stress incontinenceA nurse is evaluating how well a client learned the information he presented in an instructional session about following a heart-healthy diet. The client states that she understands what to do now. Which of the following actions should the nurse take to evaluate the clients learning?Ask the client to explain how to select or prepare meals