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  1. what should you report regarding amniotic fluid
  2. how long can it take for the baby to be delivered once crowning starts with primigravida and multigravida
  3. what is prolapsed cord
  4. what should the rate not fall below
  5. what is station
  1. a cord presenting before fetal head
  2. b primigravida 1-2 hours
    multigravida 25min
  3. c level of descent of feteal presenting part. Relationship of fetal presenting part to the level of the ischial spines of mom's pelvic bones
  4. d 100 bpm
  5. e yello, green or cloudy fluid

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  1. numbness or inability to move legs, dizziness, metalic taste, ringing in the ears, hypotension or seizures
  2. if they are more often then 2 minutes apart, or if they last longer then 90 seconds
  3. dull side of placenta, maternal side, excessive bleeding more likely with this type of placental presentation bonding and involution occurs
  4. fetal body part closet to the pelvis
  5. crowning

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  1. what is is primparaspontaneous rupture of membranes


  2. what are the 2 presentaions of the placentaschultz and duncan


  3. true or false some positions of the fetus make delivery difficult or dangerousfetal heart rate, and the releationship of fetal heart rate to contractions


  4. what are the characteristics of false laborlatent- cervix 0-4cm, active cervix is 4-8cm, transitional-cervix is 8-10cm


  5. what is incrementthe contraction builds fromt he resting phase to dull strength


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