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  1. what are signs that labor is approching
  2. what is station +5
  3. what is some nursing care considerations during stage IV
  4. what is transverese lie
  5. what is longitudinal lie
  1. a lightening, braxton hicks contraction, show
  2. b crowning
  3. c up and down and is normal
  4. d perpindicular, cannot be delivered
  5. e observation of VS, fundus, perineum, lochia

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  1. it is the shiny side of the placenta (the fetal side)
  2. reproductive organs return to their normal prepregnant size
  3. level of descent of feteal presenting part. Relationship of fetal presenting part to the level of the ischial spines of mom's pelvic bones
  4. variable deceleration
  5. labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms

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  1. what is amniotomyartificial rupture of the membranes done in 75% of birthsdone by using a aminohook


  2. what fetal assesments do you make during stage Iwhen to use medication during labor


  3. what are the characteristics of false laborcontractions are felt low in the abdomen, they are irregular with no increase in intesnsity, no cervical changes or bloody show


  4. what is stage IIIit extends from the time the newborn is delivered until placenta and membranes are expelled


  5. what should you immediatly report about contractionsif they are more often then 2 minutes apart, or if they last longer then 90 seconds