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  1. what could it mean if the fundus is rising
  2. what is some nursing care considerations during stage IV
  3. what should be reported during stage I
  4. what is SROM
  5. what is muchal cord
  1. a bright red bleeding and the pt should never be examined vaginally until US rules out placenta previa
  2. b uterine hemorrhage
  3. c loops of umbilical cord that may have become wrapped around a babys neck during delivery
  4. d observation of VS, fundus, perineum, lochia
  5. e spontaneous rupture of membranes

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  1. sterile vaginal exam
  2. asceptic conditions, coaching the client, episostomy (incision in the perineum)
  3. position of the fetal spinal cord compared to mom's
  4. time, method of rupture, color of fluid, fetal heart rate, practitioner assess for possibility of prolapsed cord.
  5. the contraction builds fromt he resting phase to dull strength

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  1. what is schultz presentationit is the shiny side of the placenta (the fetal side)


  2. what should you immediatly report about contractionsif they are more often then 2 minutes apart, or if they last longer then 90 seconds


  3. what is cephalic or vertex presentationhead first and is normal


  4. what is lighteningsetteling of the fetus into the pelvis


  5. what is decrementcontraction eases until resting states is achieved


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