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  1. what is presentation
  2. what fetal assesments do you make during stage I
  3. what is lochia
  4. how long is postpartum care
  5. what is increment
  1. a a vaginal discharge that occurs follwing delivery
  2. b fetal body part closet to the pelvis
  3. c fetal heart rate, and the releationship of fetal heart rate to contractions
  4. d the contraction builds fromt he resting phase to dull strength
  5. e 6 weeks

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  1. that labor is about to begin
  2. time, method of rupture, color of fluid, fetal heart rate, practitioner assess for possibility of prolapsed cord.
  3. it may cause it to invert which can present an emergency situation
  4. placental insufficiency and indicate fetal distress
  5. cord presenting before fetal head

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  1. what is stationlevel of descent of feteal presenting part. Relationship of fetal presenting part to the level of the ischial spines of mom's pelvic bones


  2. what is lighteningsetteling of the fetus into the pelvis


  3. what is SROMspontaneous rupture of membranes


  4. what are the 3 phases of stage Ilatent- cervix 0-4cm, active cervix is 4-8cm, transitional-cervix is 8-10cm


  5. what is station +5crowning