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  1. what is schultz presentation
  2. what is stage III
  3. what is increment
  4. what can happen to the fetal heart rate at anytime during or after contractions
  5. what should you document about rupture membranes
  1. a variable deceleration
  2. b time, method of rupture, color of fluid, fetal heart rate, practitioner assess for possibility of prolapsed cord.
  3. c the contraction builds fromt he resting phase to dull strength
  4. d it is the shiny side of the placenta (the fetal side)
  5. e it extends from the time the newborn is delivered until placenta and membranes are expelled

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  1. 6 weeks
  2. yello, green or cloudy fluid
  3. spontaneous rupture of membranes
  4. if they are more often then 2 minutes apart, or if they last longer then 90 seconds
  5. certified registered nurse anesthetist

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  1. what is duncan presentationit is the shiny side of the placenta (the fetal side)


  2. what is 4 P'spassage, passenger, powers, psyche


  3. what is some nursing care considerations for stage IIIphysical and emotional support, comfort, nutrition, hydration, empty bladder frequently


  4. what are the 3 phases of stage Istage I-dilation stage II-expulsion stage III-placental stage IV-recovery


  5. what is lochiafetal heart rate