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  1. what is SVE
  2. when does lightening occur
  3. what are the characteristics of true labor
  4. what can happen during breech presentation to the cord
  5. what is late decelration
  1. a in primpara-usually occurs 2-3 weeks before labor, in mulipara it may not occur until labor begins
  2. b umbilical cord may prolapse becuase there is so much empty space within the uterus. Cord compression can cut off the blood and oxygen supply to the fetus before it is born
  3. c begins late in the contraction and the fetal heart reate recovers after the contraction ends
  4. d rhythmic contactions back to abdomen, interval gradually decreases, intensity and duration increase, cervical changes
  5. e sterile vaginal exam

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  1. begins with complete cervical efacement and dilation, pushing. Ends with expulsion of fetus.
  2. hemorrhage, urinary retention, hypotension, undesirable effects from anesthesia
  3. asceptic conditions, coaching the client, episostomy (incision in the perineum)
  4. yello, green or cloudy fluid
  5. numbness or inability to move legs, dizziness, metalic taste, ringing in the ears, hypotension or seizures

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  1. what is 4 P'spassage, passenger, powers, psyche


  2. what is SROMcertified registered nurse anesthetist


  3. what decision should the mom make during stage Iwhen to use medication during labor


  4. what fetal assesments do you make during stage Ifetal heart rate, and the releationship of fetal heart rate to contractions


  5. what should you document about rupture membranesif they are more often then 2 minutes apart, or if they last longer then 90 seconds