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  1. what is involution
  2. what is presentation
  3. what are decelerations related to
  4. what is the neonatal nursing care during stage II
  5. true or false some positions of the fetus make delivery difficult or dangerous
  1. a check for muchal cord, nose and mouth suctioned with a bulb syringe, baby handed to mother immediately before the umbilical cord is clamped
  2. b true
  3. c fetal body part closet to the pelvis
  4. d reproductive organs return to their normal prepregnant size
  5. e placental insufficiency and indicate fetal distress

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  1. contraction eases until resting states is achieved
  2. that labor is about to begin
  3. fully engaged level with mom's ischial spine
  4. lightening, braxton hicks contraction, show
  5. setteling of the fetus into the pelvis

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  1. what are the characteristics of true laborrhythmic contactions back to abdomen, interval gradually decreases, intensity and duration increase, cervical changes


  2. what should the rate not fall belowstage I-dilation stage II-expulsion stage III-placental stage IV-recovery


  3. what is muchal cordloops of umbilical cord that may have become wrapped around a babys neck during delivery


  4. what is braxton hick contractionsAKA false labor, they are are painless and irregular, as labor approaches they may become stronger and somewhat regular


  5. what is cephalic or vertex presentationit is the shiny side of the placenta (the fetal side)