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  1. wat are the 3 phases of each contraction
  2. what are the 2 presentaions of the placenta
  3. what is decrement
  4. what does show indicate
  5. what is LDRP
  1. a increment, acme, decrement
  2. b labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms
  3. c schultz and duncan
  4. d contraction eases until resting states is achieved
  5. e that labor is about to begin

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  1. if they are more often then 2 minutes apart, or if they last longer then 90 seconds
  2. 100 bpm
  3. 25%
  4. passage, passenger, powers, psyche
  5. crowning

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  1. what fetal assesments do you make during stage Ifetal heart rate, and the releationship of fetal heart rate to contractions


  2. what is the maternal nursing care during stage IIasceptic conditions, coaching the client, episostomy (incision in the perineum)


  3. what is muchal cordloops of umbilical cord that may have become wrapped around a babys neck during delivery


  4. what are signs that labor is approchinglatent- cervix 0-4cm, active cervix is 4-8cm, transitional-cervix is 8-10cm


  5. what is cephalic or vertex presentationit is the shiny side of the placenta (the fetal side)