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mandate of heaven

god given heavens orders

dynastic cycle

historical pattern of the rise, decline, replacment of dynasties


nobles are granted land that belongs to their king in exchange for loyalty, military service and protection

filial piety

respect shown by children for their parents and elders


system of departments and agencies formed to carry out the work of government


philosophy of "go with the flow" and do not change nature


philosophy like the Hammurabi code that the political group found


chinese thought that two powers that govern the natural rhythms of life


ruler has unlimited power and uses it in an arbitrary manner


system of philosophical and ethnical teachings founded by Confucius

civil service

employees are hired on the bases of their scores on examinations


groups exclusive control over the production and distribution of certain goods


adoption at a conquerors culture by a conquered people

silk road

system of ancient caravan routes across central asia along which traders carried silk and other trade goods


father is head of family


mother is head of famil


group of semi nomadic people who began to migrate from southern russia to the indian sub continent


dry, grass covered plains


act of moving from one place to another


indo-european people who began to migrate into the indian sub continent


four collections of sacred writings produced by the aryans during an early stage of there settlement in India


in aryan society, a member of the social class made up of priests


one of the four classes of people in the social system of the Aryans who settled in India


a great indian epic poem reflecting the strugges of the Aryans as they moved south of india


language of southern india also the people who spoke it

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