IB Literature: Poetry Vocabulary

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TrochaicA stressed followed by an unstressed syllableEnd RhymeRhyme occurring at the ends of verse lines; most common rhyme form.Internal RhymeRhyme contained within a line of verse.Rhyme SchemePattern of rhymes within a unit of verse; in analysis, each end rhyme-sound is represented by a letter.Slant RhymeImperfect, approximate rhyme.AssonanceRepetition of two or more vowel sounds within a line.ConsonanceRepetition of two or more consonant sounds within a line.AlliterationThe repetition of one or more initial sounds, usually consonants, in words within a line.OnomatopoeiaThe use of a word whose sound suggests it's meaning.Euphony (Euphonic)The use of compatible, harmonious sounds to produce a pleasant, melodious effect in a poem.Cacophony (Cacophonous)The use of harsh sounds in close conjunction for effect; opposite of euphony.CoupletTwo line stanzaTercetThree line stanzaQuatrainFour line stanzaQuintainFive line stanzaSestetSix line stanzaMoodFeeling or atmosphere that a writer creates for the readerToneAttitude a writer takes toward the audience or subject.ConnotationAll the meanings, associations, or emotions that a word suggestsStanzaA group of lines in a poemLine BreakWhere a line of poetry ends (intentional, not caused by the end of the physical page).ImageryDescription that appeals to the senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste)MetaphorA comparison without using like or asSimileA comparison using "like" or "as"FigurativeSymbolic, not literalLiteralExactly true, rather than figurative or metaphorical