Quantity that has both magnitude and direction is called a scalar
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If a bug is flying due north at a constant speed of 5 miles per hour and another bug is flying due south with a constant speed of 5 miles per hour which statement is NOT TRUEThe bugs have the same velocitiesIf a meteor is very close to the gaseous surface of Jupiter which has a gravity 26 times that of the earth, what is the accceleration due to gravity260 m/sWhich of the following would not be considered a projectileA tennis ball rolling down a hillWhat is the instantaneous speed of a rock dropped off a cliff after 2 m/s20 m/sWhich is not an example of a bird acceleratingA robin flying with a constant vorlocht towards the rising sunDrawing a resultant for each pair of vectorsDotted line with arrow touching corner of squareWhat is the number and units we use for gravity10 m/sFind the value of these resultants using pathogorean theroem7m and 4m ( 7 m squared plus 4 m squared equals c squaredWhat happens at the top of a projectile path and whyIt stops for a micro second because it's at its peak, the velocity is neither decreasing or inscreasing. It's instantaneous speed is zeroWhich of the following has the largest momentum relative to the earth: a tightrope worker crossing Niagara Falls, a pickup truck speeding along the highway, a dog running down the street, a Mack truck parked in a parking lotA pickup truck speeding along the highwayWhich has more momentum a large truck moving at 30 mph or a small truck moving at 30 mhpThe large truckIn order to increase the final momentum of a golf ball, what can you do: swing as hard as possible, increase the time of contact with the ball, increase the force acting on the ball, all of the aboveAll of the aboveEnergy can't be created or destroyed only change from one form to another. How does listening to music on a radio obey the law of conservation of energyElectrical energy is converted into other forms of energy such as soundA cannon recoils from laughing a cannonball. the velocity of the cannons recoil is small because of whatThe cannnon has far more mass than the cannonballA cannon fired a cannonball. How is the momentum of the cannonball related to the momentum of the cannonBecause momentum is conserved, the momentum of the cannon and cannnonball are equal but oppositeA karate expert executives a swift blow and severs a two inch board with his bare hand: the force on both the block and the experts hand have the same magnitude, the impulse on both the block and the experts hand have the same magnitude, the time of impact on both the block and experts hand is the sameAll of the aboveA moving freight car runs into an identical car at rest on the track. The cars couple together. Compared to the velocity of the first car before the collision, the velocity of the combined cars after the collision is whatTwice as largeA piece of putting moving with a 4 kg m/s momentum strikes and sticks to a heavy bowling ball that is initially at rest. After the putty sticks to the ball, both are set in motion with a combined momentum that is what4 kg m/sSuppose an astonuat wishes to play solitary game by tossing a very massive perfectly elastic rock cliff. If the ball is as massive as the astronaut then what will happenThe astronaut will never catch the first boynceA small 30 kilogram is floating with a speed of 2 m/s what is the kanoes kinetic energy( ke = 1/2 30 times 2 squarws60A 12 kg sled is moving at 3.0 m/s at what speed will the sled have exactly twice as much KE? ( ke = 1/2 12 times v2)4.2